Friday, November 28, 2014

CarTalk November 24

Here we go, the boys from join me to talk cars and what we need to know here in the UAE and beyond.

The big topic at the start of the show is the coming change to modifying cars in the UAE, this is big!

Here is what we set out to speak about.

Here is the podcast!

the Audi TT?

Chevy Cruze

concept cars are all the rage in LA motor show!

The Mustang launch!

Citroen Cactus!

F1 abd transporter truck video WAY COOL

Ferrari Owners club parade
Best family economy cars

Peugeot 2008 DKR looking mean and ready for the 2015 Dakar Rally

Does the showroom matter? Hyundai will be redesigning all its showrooms to look like this as part of a its new 'Global Dealership Space Identity program'. Hang on a minute - it already looks like that...?!

We had plenty of interaction from the SMS line.

Carola or range rover

FJ cruiser I have cherished driving this yellow beast . Touched 320000km it still fit and flying. Your thoughts on the newer models. Naved

I have a US spec BMW X5M 2011. AGMC won't sell me another warranty. Would you buy an extended warranty from local garage (are they reputable?) or sell it?  -Matt

So what do you think of the CLA250? And what are your thoughts on American specs? It's not available in Dubai but do you know when it's due? Ferhan.

Land Landcruiser or Nissan Patrol afaaq

You were talking about suspension but i was only lift kit what about lowering kit? What if i have FIA approved adjustable coilovers? Does it require RTAapproval? -DR

The lexis has the worst navigation anyway I can upgrade

Alright that helped, thanks!

FYI (on the wrangler question i sent) I don't NEED a car and my 2008 Tahoe is still chugging. But looking to whether to pay extra for a later model (resale value and latest mods) or just get value with the 2014 one.

Thoughts on the 2011 BMW X5 m? When is the new shape expected? And new specs? Sheikh

Path finder or edge

Is there a shop that can convert my car to us specs ? I want to ship my 921 to the us


Hi is the chrysler 300c 3.6 ltr for a daily commute of 80 kms? Performance,resale value? Thanx, rohit

Porsche 911 or nissan pathfinder?

Just saw one today and absolutely in love with it! It's about 180K and produced in Germany

BMW x5m or merc g-55 American spec

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