Friday, November 21, 2014

CarTalk November 17

And here we have it, easily the definitive conversation about automobiles in the middle east on the radio!

The boys from join me and talk about what is hot and what is not.

As always there is a lot of laughs and a lot of disagreement.

You can get involved live on Monday's call 009714 423 1010 or sms 4001 or email

But one thing is for sure this is good fun radio.

Here is a sample of the SMS we received.

I have a 2012 range rover vogue supercharged coming out of service plan and warranty in December. Im thinking of selling. Should I be worried about selling it without the service plan next year or should I sell now? Hey guys I'm driving a 00' e320 station wagon.. though bring 14 years old and the wear and tear it's a wonderful drive.. what do you guys think? Z

Gentlemen what your pick in between S400 2015 Mercedes or BMW 740 2015.

Hi, I have an Audi Q7. I want a change but need a 7 seater  around the same budget. What would you recommend. Thanks, LS

Targa 4s 2007 107,
Targa 44 2007 108,000 km. Sell or keep 
Hi team, if you are driving a great car with great sound from the engine, its very hard to put music on? Mmm.. (ian skoda guy)

Your thoughts on the 2016 Shelby Mustang GT350?

Why not a Ford Explorer Sport proper 7 seater. Ahmed

2007 Camry with 458k on the clock, sell or keep?? Just incase I get a buyer11/17/2014 9:50:44 PM 971507191903 Dodge charger? Wayne

2011 Prado TXL 2.7 L Pearl white 70 k Km. Sell  or keep? Sam.

Kia Rio 2012 full option. 104000km. Keep it or sell it? If sell it what's a good price. Song: The Band - The Weight. Christian

And here is the podcast!

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