Friday, November 14, 2014

CarTalk November 10

We all love a good cruise around Dubai, maybe even the UAE.

So short of going and renting everything under the sun how can we discover what is hot and what is a lemon in the motoring world in the UAE?

There is one place and that is CarTalk with me and the boys from

Here is our conversation and it is always informative and entertaining.

And of course we did have a plan, this is what it looked like.

What are you driving?

‎Looking to buy an SUV for wife, wanting to spend AED110k. Don't want anything too wide ie FX35, MKX.

What's better 2012 xc60 T6, 2012 srx or 2011 rx350?
Fiat FCC4 concept car! We need these!

See how a morgan is hand built!

Thoughts on the KIA Soul?

KIA Caravan?

Caravan culture? What is best to pull a little camper? Check this out!

Ls300 and 400 still fine cars

What is the best economy family car?

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Savanna why not more on the road?

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