Thursday, October 16, 2014

GetFitRadio October 14

And here we go with another week of GetFitradio!

The podcast is below for your listening and sharing.

Here is what we planned to get up to.

Zelda Higgins
Recreation Coordinator at Zayed University

what to swap for healthy cooking.

Some people sign up for expensive diet services or commercial weight loss programs. But lets face it, those programs can be pricey and some can be time-consuming.  So most of us end up dieting alone.
If you've ditched the big diet programs and jumped on the do-it yourself bandwagon, use one of these budget (or free!) diet apps and websites to get weight loss help, nutritional advice, diet tips and tools to help you slim down and keep the weight off.

Budget-Friendly Diet Apps and Websites to Help You Lose Weight


Pinterest has taken the world by storm... particularly the world of women searching for recipe ideas, DIY design projects, and crafting activities for kids. But it's also completely possible to turn Pinterest into a tool for planning and executing your workouts. The trick is to use it the right way.
It's easy to get pulled into the "fitspiration" or "fitspo" images that take over Pinterest when you search for workouts, but do your best to stay away. While they can be motivating to some, they also perpetuate an unrealistic and unnecessary picture of fitness, and ultimately they don't get you off the computer and off to the gym.

-Coconut oil
-2 Time to downsize exercise routine?

-ab workouts
  1. is this possible 3 minute workout to tighten belly?

exercise bike basics!

Make a cardio machine a game!

Walking apps

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