Thursday, October 23, 2014

CarTalk October 20

The boys from join me once again to talk cars.

As usual these guys have a lot to say and have some great motoring insight.

Here is the podcast.

And here is what we had planned to talk about.

-seeing more Chery cars!
-2015 armada!
The 2015 Nissan Armada carries over the same 317-hp 5.6-liter V-8 engine paired with an (outdated) five-speed automatic transmission. The burly SUV hasn't been fully redesigned in 10 years, and only minor equipment changes have been made for 2015. Among these adjustments, Nissan has added standard power lumbar for drivers and has revised the styling of the interior trim. Two new exterior colors -- Arctic Metallic Blue and Magnetic Black -- are available, with Pearl White available at extra cost.

-paid parking for all, it hurts
-GPS as a distraction
Trash to fuel, the stuff of the 1980s sci-fi comedy movie trilogy “Back to the Future,” is now a reality. The 2015 Bi-fuel Chevrolet Impala – not a tricked-out DeLorean – really can run on leftovers, table scraps and, oh, yeah, grains from brewing beer.
Cleveland-based quasar energy group uses organic waste to produce a renewable energy source known as biogas, which is then converted into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) – one of two fuels that can power the 2015 Chevrolet Bi-fuel Impala.

-MXT Pickup mod in Saudi!
-Rolls SUV to be cancelled? What a true landcruiser!
-KIA Carens looking smart!

-who is buying the traverse?

Pioneer gives me a way to add gizmos to the wrangler!
The Pioneer rearview mirror telematics unit consists of a self-contained module equipped with an LTE communication unit linked to the company's Mobile Telematics Center.
Promising high speed and low latency, the link provides the module with information about local facilities, traffic, weather and news, as well as navigation functions.
The information is displayed on a half-mirrored, 5-inch LCD touchscreen. There's also a built-in front-view camera with wide-angle lens that acts as a driving recorder. In addition, the camera is equipped with a Safe Driving Support Service, which analyzes the movements of cars ahead, detects potential hazards, and provides audio visual warnings. The module can also be wirelessly connected to a rear-view camera.

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