Tuesday, September 23, 2014

TechTalk September 22

Andrew Thomas and I are talking tech!

Did I mention I got to play with the 2 iPhone6 babies before Andrew?

"Some guys have all the luck", that was a very popular song in the day!

We also tested an Alcatel Pop 8 Tablet and a Samsung tablet.

Here is the podcast of the show to share and enjoy.

And you know you want them, the show notes.

Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa www.digitalnexa.com

App of the week

Swiftkey ( we did this before correct)
wiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with one that adapts to the way you type. The app learns your writing style to give you super-accurate autocorrect and intelligent next-word prediction, reducing keystrokes and getting smarter over time.

Cool game

Socratic Smackdown

A versatile discussion-based humanities game to practice argumentation around any text or topic for grades 6 through 12

Review Alkatel ONETOUCH POP 8  (699 AED)
-ANDROID tablet (4.2)
-8 inch
1.3 ghrz core X4 processor 2mp camera, .3mp,
comes with a coloured back and a smart cover
-Blue Back/red smart cover
  • a thinner note 3

-this is a product designed for the budget market
-not the most expensive looking or feeling device
-gives the android experience
-is fast
-not an ipad


-this reminds me of an iPad!
-10.5 inch landscape is the desired method
-1.3ghz Octa core
3gb ram
-16gb internal/expandable

-iPhone chat with Omar at JadoPado
-had a chance to touch the 6

Cool bit of imagry!

Microsoft Courts iOS 8 Users With OneDrive Free Space Promotion


Larry Ellison bows out of Oracle
Ellison founded Oracle in 1977 -- around the same time that Microsoft and Apple were getting off the ground. It was an era of iconoclasts, technology visionaries who started with small companies and big ideas who built massive fortunes during the explosion of the computer industry.
But Steve Jobs is gone. And Ellison's other tenacious tech peers from the glory days -- people like Scott McNealy and Bill Gates -- have moved on to other things. Now at 70, Ellison seems to be eyeing a second act, although he will remain involved in the company as chairman of the board and the company's engineering chief.
Google wants Internet broadcasting drones and is testing them!
Google hopes to someday use drones to broadcast the internet from the sky, and they’re asking the federal government for permission to test their broadcasting equipment in New Mexico.  The company filed an application with the FCC (which controls electronic transmissions), revealing limited details about their plans to use their new technology.  Some of that equipment was acquired as part of their purchase of Titan Aerospace earlier this year.  Google’s proposed test site is located directly south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, directly east of Albuquerque, and South East of Las Vegas (see the map below).
In the application Google writes:
Google recently acquired Titan Aerospace, a firm that specializes in developing solar and electric unmanned aerial systems (“UAS”) for high altitude, long endurance flights. These systems may eventually be used to provide Internet connections in remote areas or help monitor environmental damage, such as oil spills or deforestation. The STA is needed for demonstration and testing of [REDACTED] in a carefully controlled environment.

GE creates a board to let you hack your appliances!
General Electric is releasing an interface board that will let you program and control their smart appliances, and they’re giving away a batch of ovens and refrigerators to makerspaces to help launch the project.
The program comes through the FirstBuild program, a new endeavor by GE and Local Motors to interface with independent designers to find, make, and license new product ideas much more rapidly than normal for the manufacturing giant. The interface board, called the Green Bean, is their first product, released to help makers generate new appliance-based projects.


Opennit a robotic loom !  VERY COOL!

OpenKnit is the open-source digital fabrication tool that will knit you a jumper in under an hour.
The automated loom has been built by Barcelona-based designer Gerard Rubio, and its novelty lies in the fact it is not only relatively affordable to build from the instructions posted on Github (under €550) but there is already something of an ecosystem around the venture. Collaborators Mar Canet and Varvara Guljajeva have designed the Knitic software that lets you input parameters for the machine to adhere to, to tailor the garment; and Takahiro Yamaguchi has launched DoknitYourself, a place to share all the digitally designed knitted clothes already made using it. To be fair, the latter only seems to be populated with a handful of Rubio's own designs, but the intent is there nonetheless.

This is cool!
Enter Invisible.im, a group formed by Australian security journalist Patrick Gray. Last July, Gray announced that he was working with HD Moore, developer of the Metasploit Framework tool used by security researchers to pen-test systems, and with another respected security professional who goes by his hacker handle The Grugq, to craft a secure, open-source encrypted chat program cobbled together from parts of existing anonymity and messaging systems -- such as Prosody, Pidgin and Tor. They wanted a system that was highly secure, user friendly and metadata-free. Gray says his primary motivation was to protect the anonymity of sources who contact journalists.
I want to do this just cool!
You have an opportunity to spend $300 on a ticket for an airplane that never takes off. What you're paying for is time travel back to the go-go days of Pan American World Airways in the 1970s. The airline famously went bust in 1991, but not before setting the standard for polyester-era travel luxury.
Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed film studio, is now offering the Pan Am Experience, an immersive jaunt back to a world where orange was a fashionable color and in-flight menus featured items like chicken in wine sauce, grilled filet mignon, and cognac.
The experience takes place in a re-creation of a Pan Am 747, complete with first-class and clipper-class cabin seats. You'll be treated to cocktails, dinner, and video and audio selections suited to the time period. "Everything from the china to the glassware is authentic with careful attention to the exquisite service delivery of the era and menu offerings of Pan Am," Air Hollywood promises. The flight attendants are all decked out in original uniforms, complete with gold buttons, wide collars, and weird beige and blue colors.

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