Thursday, September 04, 2014

GetFitRadio September 2

Marcus Smith of joins us to talk fitness and your health.

Holly is back with a wonderful paleo nut bread!

 Here is a look at what we spoke about this week.


Was married to the couch now I am married to the gym!

1. In the News

Fitness trackers are ONLY for a ballpark figure!

Super foods!

We know this but here it is again!

2. Training How to avoid the injury!

Why the pushup is the world greatest exercise.

-basics to get in shape to start training.

3. Food
Holly is a paleo food stylist and designer
It is Fooding Around With Holly!

4 Myth Buster
-you drink coffee

I like this:

This is a cool book that I am reading

A dog walk to a workout!

Playgrounds not just for kids!

The Water Bottle Workout

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