Thursday, September 04, 2014

DocTalk September 2

And here we have another week of Dr. Shereen and Dr. Sean bringing us up to date on the news from the world of medicine and a nice Q&A about issues in our community.

Some of the questions posed to the doctors.

Hello Doctors, my friend's daughter (9 years old) gets severe pain in various parts of her body since last 4 months.. The pain is shifting all the time.He approached many doctors but so far no remedy for her disease? Could this be neurological problem? Vinod

Can u explain what is ovarian insufficiency, causes and cure if possible. Thanks

Hello doctor. Iam from india and have been in uae for the past 15 years. It is very rare I get any kind of viral infection including common cold. Been years I had got one. The only thing I get diagnosed for sure every year once is cough. I get it for sure once every year and no matter what medicine iam given including antibiotics it does not get resolved. It generally remain for a month or two and subside by it self. What could be the reason and how can I avoid giving money to docs:)

Hi my wife has a very ichi skin rash on one of her knie and hand no indication of any bites or sting, knee and hand swolen doctor s point towards rheumatism as no anti allergic medication helps

I am suffering from Cellulitus in my right ankle and it repeat every six months please advise remedy and precautions I have broken skin bw my toes Thanks

Thank you and my secret for goid health. Wash you hand regularly. Never skip breakfast and eat healthy food. Very simple but very effective.

Thank you and my secret for good health. Wash you hand regularly. Never skip breakfast and eat healthy food. Very simple but very effective.

I always get this cough after dinner or night meals..the cough produces malicious, my wofe hates it...what could it be?

Good evening lately I have been having migrane like headache at the back of my head just behind the left ear
I have not been to a doctor yet due to my busy schedule

The pain is worse at certain times specially when I am angry or anxious 
I also have back tooth pain.

Question to doctor: what tiny papilloma under arm mean ? What can be done?

Dr. James, l often get back pains whenever l sleep in a bed which isn't mine...always.

Here are the show notes.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

Be Happy Be Well by Shereen!

04 425 9308 talk back

1. what is going on in the office

- conjuctivitis
-abdominal pain
-amibic gastrioenteritis

3. How to build up some immunity for the back to school season?

4. Vitamins do we really need them? HUGE sales.

5. Vegan what can it do for us?

6. what can not eating Gluten do for us?

7. this is a cool idea the surgical black box.

9. Also statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) are in the
medical news again as they may not be as effective as has
been previously made out.

10. Thoughts on e-cigaretes
issue is toxins in the air.
worth 3 billion$ a year

11. bipolar

13 tea is better than your cardio vascular system

14. energy drinks ban them?

15. coffee and anxiety

16. antibacterial gel better than antibiotics?

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