Friday, September 12, 2014

Do we need Dubai street food vendors? September 10

This week on the Wednesday Question we asked is it time for the birth of legal Dubai street food vendors?

There are several sides to this question with the big issue being regulation and safety!

Here is some of the work we read leading up to the question.

Trip Advisor says, an example

BBC how bad is it?

Here is the podcast, what are your thoughts?

 Here is a look at what some of you said through the SMS line.

City with no street food is a city with no soul. Im bored of shawermas n fast food

Of course we are ready! Would love it. Magnus

I believe street food licensing is long overdue. If Dubai wants to be the food capital will have to ease the issuing of licence. Food safety will not beproblem with proper training, which is not difficult to offer. Street food offers fun, happines and real atmosphere to any city....Kristyna

No way. Parking mess.

Maybe Hocker centers like they have in Singapore wherevits just a building full of tiny little stalls that are licensed out to people who want to have small street food businesses and they're just tables everywhere for you to sit

Yes we should have street food

Hi James. streetfood on Dubai roads is a good idea. They bring down cost of living and generally the food is fresh and inexpensive. Vinod

Desert chill are a really professional organisation and I've had loads of great experience with them. Sheikhy Mo wants to encourage SME businesses and entrepreneurs - exactly what these guys are! Or do you we just want large family corporations who franchise western brands and everything is bland and boring. If these guys weren't supplying something that was in demand - they wouldn't be in business! Chris

Like how we have media city internet city why not have a food city 

Maybe converting those huge shipping containers into little stalls and putting them at the bottom of metro stations.

Hi James , you have mentioned senegalese food have ever eaten a Senegalese?! Hummmmm tiebou dienn the best dish

Street food if regulated properly can be a win-win situation for both the provider and consumer.

Would like to quote 2 street food sellers from india holding food festivals globally.Dr pls spk.Prakash

I own 2 restaurants id love to see a designated street food street or area...or be able to sell food from a rv van 

That was the question of the week share your ideas with us!

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