Tuesday, September 09, 2014

CarTalk September 8

And the boys are back for another week talking cars!

This week we learn that the boys do not love everything they drive!

Here is the podcast!

Here is what we got on about this week.

04 425 9308

Shahzad Sheikh
motoring middle east
Imthishan Giado
Fraser Martin

1. what are you driving?
Impti a 777

2. why don’t we hear more about the ford Taurus?

3. Chev Sonic, like it?

4. GPS a distraction just like a phone?

5. MEMA 2014 is it a must?

The# KindergartenStarter #school in Al Garhoud #Dubai, in association with#DubaiPolice, has converted part of its grounds into a 1000sqm miniature road system complete with all the usual road furniture. It's for children aged 4-6 to learn about road safety. Sponsored by #Total they hope to have 2500 children use it in its first year and inspire similar school projects throughout the#UAE. Great idea!

7. Porche 991

9. the 2015 jeep renegade

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