Tuesday, September 23, 2014

CarTalk September 22

The boys from www.motoringme.com joined me as they do to talk cars!

The RAM pickup is super affordable and the Mustang is not so affordable.

Here is what we spoke about via the podcast!

And here are some of the SMS questions.

Wat do you guys think btw the 2015 Nissan Altima 2.5 and the  Camry 2015,I'm torn btw both ni need to makeup my mind b4 Thursday,plzz advice, Natalie

Hi team, is the new xtrail based on the renault koleos? Or brand new chassis drivetrain? . . Oops you mean the fiat 500 renegade ! Oh dear.. Do we have to move on? :-( (ian skoda guy)

Whats ur opinion about Rolls Royce Wraith ?


Hey guys! Check out the new Honda Accord with double exhaust with a new look. Big Honda logo. Awesome veh. What's r it view on this veh. Sanjay

Sorry ur views on this veh

Hi Guys, I have 2006 Honda Accord, excellent car, driving from last 6 years, 250k mileage, would like to change in the similar segment, any suggestions please, thanks, sid

What do you think of the corsa opc?  Anything else in the market with comparable performance, warranty,  price?

Review on range rover sport and wud u opt for it...the Porsche or BMW X5? Any other recommendations in similar category---thxs..Muhammad

Drunmers drive  the kia optima. Eddie riff raff.

No way! the impala is absolutely no where close to the Honda. Test driven both and still prefer the Honda.

 Hi guys.. Can I have ur opinion on the jag cjl

Gents: views on the gmc acadia? Ahmad

And of course this is what we set out to talk about.


-Gonow GX
-RAM has great price
-new mustang price out of the galaxy

  1. 2015 CRV getting a bold upgrade?

  1. Mitsubishi has some nice concept cars at Paris 2014 will we ever see a new pajero?

  1. sierra elevation sport pickup, doesn’t look too sporty will we see one?

  1. Never shy about flaunting its British heritage, Land Rover has revealed the limited-edition SW1 Evoque, a variant that pays tribute to Great Britain’s famous Union Flag. Commonly referred to as the Union Jack, the iconic insignia gets a tire-tread treatment in this application to add a unique texture to the usually solid-color graphics. Appearing on the mirror caps and the rear spoiler, the Jacks are joined by a Fuji White roof and 20-inch, gloss-white, multispoke wheels, regardless of which of the five available exterior colors a buyer specifies: Firenze Red, Fuji White, Loire Blue, Santorini Black, or Corris Grey. A white (red on the white Evoque) decal stripe runs from the hood to the rear fenders.

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