Tuesday, August 26, 2014

TechTalk August 25

Here it is the TechTalk show's notes and easy link to the podcast.

August 25
Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa www.digitalnexa.com

Segment  1
In our Hands, stuff, not the other!

a. any summer cool stuff?

d. Been suing around with the whisper app and the new foursquare app

Segment 2
In the News

b. loves Sirius satellite radio this summer

got this bluetooth speaker, amazing!

Segment 3

d. Click to buy on twitter. Huge for advertising

a. internet addiction?

c. eBay is 15 - do u use it?

a. post office in Sweden may be on to something!


b. Shazam LOVE IT!
-will give you rundown of what you are listening to.

Segment 4
Just cool

a. 4K video of rocket burning up!

b. again tech doesn’t have to have batteries!

c. ereader’s not so good afterall?

d. a real lego house!

e. this is a great wallet and key connection!

f. just a good read on where we made it to with consoles and the world of games!

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