Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GetFitRadio August 26

Marcus Smith joins me every week to talk about the complexity and simplicity of the fitness rubric and your life.

This week we unveiled our new lineup and that means a lot more about what is going on, some inspiration, food and a but of myth debunking.

Here is what we got up to this week.


August 26

Marcus Smith

Segment 1
Marcus lets start talking Innerfight, you and how the whole movement started.
-your background
-a primer for the new listener

In the News
-WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) worlds results: Mention of two Dubai based girls

- CrossFit team event global kicks off this weekend
-Battle of the East - Kuwait competition happening end of Oct

-Desert warrior challenge October 17th.

Desert Warrior Challenge brings you fun and challenging obstacle courses, designed to test the physical power, mental strength, team-work and overall fitness of each and every warrior. Be ready to run, jump, crawl, climb, carry and slide your way through a course designed to test even the most hardcore.
Phelps and his comeback the mental attitude and pressure.

Segment 2
- Mother deadlifts 100kg 4 months after giving birth to twins. This is a 35kg increase in 1 month. How did she do it?

-Dubai International triathlon getting started where to start DETAILED. This is a good point and there is a lot to talk off from this with regards to events coming up

Event Overview:
The Dubai International Triathlon 2014 will take place on November 7th at the Atlantis Resort on The Palm. It will be the first half iron distance triathlon to be held in the UAE. Featuring a 1.9km swim followed by 90km bike then a 21.1km run, the race is endorsed by the Dubai Sports Council. The swim takes place in the calm waters off the Atlantis Resort. The 2-lap bike heads off The Palm onto Hessa Street towards Sports City before returning to Atlantis. The 2-lap run is on the crescent of The Palm with the Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel providing the postcard backdrop to the course. The route is flat so athletes can expect some fast times. Registration is open to individuals in male and female age group categories and teams of three. Early bird registration extends till 30th June.
Start Time:
06:30 am

Segment 3
No Holly this week so we can talk about food.
- Do people really understand what food does to them? Open chat question
-What we get nutrition from and why we need to eat some things!

Segment 4
Myth Busters/questions

Myth 38 /// Caffeine Has Only Negative Effects On The Body
TRUTH: The problems with caffeineoccur mostly because of overconsumption. But with moderate use, caffeine has many benefits beyond that of energy for athletic performance.
Do yourself a favor and check outPubMed to see some studies about the positive benefits of moderate
Myth 47 /// All Vegetables Are Created The Same, So I Can Swap Any Veggies I Don't Like For Ones That I Love

TRUTH: Vegetables contain different amounts of calories. Some have 12 grams per 100 calories, others have 80 calories. You cannot swap broccoli for turnips without having to recalculate your calories.

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