Friday, June 20, 2014

The Indie Jukebox June 18

Paul Kelly joins me from and we spin some of the best indie tunes from the Middle East, with a HUGE thanks from the folks at WhiteCubeUAE.

Here is this weeks podcast.

So what did we listen to?

White Cube

1. Zulfaqqar Shams: ZulFaqqar Shams scripts a mix of classical Arabic poetry and Egyptian street conversations, dealing with the apathy towards crucial social and psychological issues spreading through his generation -  cancerously‎.

Twitter: @z_faqqar
Instagram: z_faqqar

2. Bull Funk Zoo: Brain child of Assaad Lakkis and Hamdan al Abri. They’ve got an album out which you can buy in virgin. The funkiest band in the UAE. Don’t miss their show.

Album - Malak - Alters

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