Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TechTalk June 23

Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com joins me as we navigate the interesting and sometimes odd world of Technology.

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Review Samsung Galaxy K
- I love this!
-Nokia runes Windows making this an easy to love phone
-Optical ZOOM WOW!
-I want to keep it!

Jabra Speaker
400$ 1500dhs
-14 hrs charge
WOW reminded me of the boom box I had when I was 15

Jawbone Era

Use the camera to translate text into different languages

Pointless app or the sign of times?


Snapchat killer?

Snap chat targeting brands again


Check out this new camera!

Drones will be banned in US National Parks and how about here?

A sign language translating wearable! WOW


Uber x in Abu Dhabi!

Amazon fire app incentive

Amazon firefly

Google and a more consistent web? Interesting files

Today Google launched Web Starter Kit, a download that consists of all the templates and tooling developers need to create sites that function on any device and any display.  
Today’s Internet users don’t have just one device. They prefer as physical keyboard for their PCs but they want as touch screens on mobile. These days, no two screen sizes are alike. Users expect the same website to perform differently depending on the device by which it is accessed.

An affordable iMac?
Apple is now selling a new wallet-friendly iMac, retailing at just £899 - the only model currently pricing at less than four figures.
Notorious for its high-end price tags, Apple now hopes to broaden its customer base with a cheaper model that sits at £150 below the next cheapest version.
In the trade-off between cost and specs, cost won, with the new iMac toting a 1.4-GHz processor (the £1,049 model packs more of a punch with a 2.7-GHz CPU).
Fortunately, Apple says you can still turbo-boost the cheaper model up to 2.7-GHz if you’re not getting enough iOomph.
Apple’s also knocked a chunk off the storage, with the budget iMac sporting a 500GB hard-drive – that’s half of the 1TB its predecessor comes armed with.
The cheaper device will still ship with a 21.5-inch screen, 8GB of RAM, and the latest Apple OS.
In other news, Apple’s set-top box – Apple TV – is now down to £79, a slash from the previous £99.
Interesting! Job hunting tool!

Business social network LinkedIn is helping job-seekers find their dream careers on the go with its new free LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
LinkedIn product manager Daniel Ayele describes the app, which is only available to US users for now, as a "one-stop shop for your job-seeking needs", and states that job-seekers who apply for jobs on the first day they're posted are 10pc more liked to get that job.
“That means that if you are an active job-seeker, your job search can't stop just because you've stepped away from your desk," Ayele wrote on the LinkedIn Official Blog.

Cost of living via crowd sourcing!


Handy guide for mobile users

Great news for music lovers and android owners alike

Noting tech about this but very cool!

Papa Johns will never be the same!

Security is a huge issue in our mobile ap world!

Selfies now this is fun!

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