Wednesday, June 04, 2014

TechTalk June 2

Here we go with TechTalk with Andrew Thomas from

And here are the show notes!



Swarm by 4sq

Smart police  smart app

Review Smasung S5 and Gear2 and Fit
-Great phone
-lots of speed
-water and dustproof
-gear2 is refined but much the same
-gear fit is a fantastic wearable, heart rate but much like other wearables BUT beutiful sync with phone and nice clock!

Nokia XL
699 android dual sim
  • CPU Dual-core 1 GHz
  • Chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4
  • RAM 768 MB
  • Memory Internal 4GB
  • OS Version Android OS (Nokia X software platform 1.0 )
-can’t use play!
-works well
-nice interface with One
-dual sim!

Was using a Windows Lumia 520 liking it also!



Imagined this linked with google glass

This is interesting when you think Samsung and android!

Apple what might be coming?

Apple news

What the Google Diversity looks like.

Keyword app to help with textbook comprehension!

This is a great feature if you get a phone stolen!

All lego sets are in a vault! Cool! VERY Cool the train that starts and stops with a whistle


Love this look at what is 3D printing

This is what we all need!
Skype and real time translation!

Samsung and a wearable health tracker

This is cool when a comic guy embraces the world of the app!


Environmental news

This is a bit of fun!

Osmo launches with three games, designed for children ages six to 12: in Newton, balls fly around the screen—and using pen and paper, players can draw structures that appear in the app, to help the balls hit targets. You can even use physical objects, like your hands, as something for the ball to bounce off. InWords (which can be a single or multi-player game) players try to guess the word using a photo clue; instead of swiping a letter onto the screen however, physical letter tiles are tossed in front of the screen. InTangram, the app challenges you to arrange classical wooden tangram pieces, interacting with your different attempts and rewarding you when the puzzle is solved. Osmo doesn't require a battery or Wi-Fi for gameplay, and each game incorporates physical pieces to bring kids outside of the screen and conscious of the real world around them.

Make everything a touch screen

Surface Pro 3

How to get forgotten on Google , in europe!

Remove yourself from google

Follow up 12k requests on the first day

12,000 ask in 1st day!

Do you use email newsletters?

Good Facebook file

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