Tuesday, June 24, 2014

GetFitRadio June 22

Marcus Smith from Innerfight.com joins me, and Holly is here also, to talk fitness and you.

Here is the podcast!

Here is what we planned to speak about!

1. James,
I have a question for the show with Marcus.
What are the best exercises for improving running acceleration and speed you can do in the gym? I am guessing leg work and explosive things like box jumps, but if they are how often should you be training for it? should you go heavy or light and fast reps? and is there any substitute for the running track?
2. Is it possible that 2 weeks of junk food and walking out-do 3 months of diet and gyming? I lost double the weight

3. if we had to pick an all round exercise what might you suggest?

4. what are our biggest training mistakes

5. walking or runner better for fat loss?

6. how long should I rest between workouts?

7. how long for muscle to turn to fat if I stop training? Worried about the summer

8. workout when we are sick?

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