Monday, June 09, 2014

FIFA Vacation Call in June 8

We asked should we get time off to watch the FIFA World Cup and got some interesting answers.

Here is a sample of the SMS.

Don't be ridiculous James. Time off for a football tournament? Why don't I take time off for the Stanley Cup finals? Its just a tournament. Ahmad

It's also Ramadan. So by the time people wake up after a night of football the work day finishes
If its thaaat important to stay up and watch your fav team-take unpaid leave for 1/2 day. Faiez

Factor in the month of Ramadan. No alcohol served. And people live late anyway during that month.

Stop exaggerating most games are at 22 or midnight. Very few interesting game at 2 am

While the idea of flexi time is interesting and I'm sure people will love it, I think it'll be a bad idea. If that happens then what would stop me from asking time off to watch cricket, rugby,   and even curling lol I think if this happens it'll just snowball into a big issue. Sasha from dubai

You realise that only the 2 first game of group stage have a game at 2 am? 

The only big game is England Italia.

Then from last day of group stage and all the playoff no Game at all at 2 am. 

The latest is midnight. Just like the Champions League in winter. 

A bit of reality..... We just observed the 60th anniversary of the D Day landings. Football is not life and death..,,

Hi James,  I generally hang out with my friends to be with them more interested than watching footie..Yeah love watching Messi in action though! Roj

 Ya good luck watching Iran vs corea

And here is the PODCAST!

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