Friday, June 20, 2014

DocTalk June 17

Dr. Shereen and Dr. Sean join me to talk about your health with straight no gobbly gook explanations!

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

Here is the podcast.

Here is a bit of what came in via the SMS line.

Good evening guys! Whats the best way to treat Esnophilis? Cheers! 

Docs, you may recall I smsd about a muscle knot/lump under my left shoulderblade I had for several yrs and you suggested an osteopath. Several sessions,needles and thousands of dirhams later, there's no progress. Do I live with the throbbing pain of the spasms or is there any other way to change the mechanics of this muscle?

Eosnophils..sorry typing error guys..Its my son..He gets up with running nose and eye infection..Thanks docs! 

Not very pleasant but very annoying. My ears tend to fill with wax, which then block affecting hearing etc.  Any simple tips without a visit to the Dr? Thanks Joel

Hi Doctors,
My daughter aged 10 is allergic to cheese and butter. About an year ago she ate them without any problem. What could be the reason for this development. 

And here is what we had planned to talk about.

Urinary Tract Infections

Otitis Media


Bad breath

how to guard against head lice

can children be given pain killers?

solid cast vs removable

broken toes anything we can do

what is a frozen shoulder

Pink Eye what is it?

dry heaving during workouts any medical reason to be concerned?

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