Thursday, June 19, 2014

CarTalk June 16

The boys from join me to talk cars and this we also have Mohammed Al Falasi from DriftUAE.

Here is the podcast.

Here is an example of some of the SMS messages we had.

2014 Mazda 6 guys? Thoughts? Sami.

Should I go for the new RAM truck or wait for the new F150?  Michael
Hi Guys, nice to have u again. On the air. Thanks for ur job!

I do have a nice Mercedes S500, 2014. Do I need to sale it now if a moving speed of my Wife in the shopping Mall is 500USD per hour?
Thanks Rashid. 
Could your team provide some advice as to whether the 2013 Nissan Patrol can be modified to look like the 2014 version and would you have some idea of the cost. Thanks Dhiraj

Greetings, gents. Love the show. What do you guys think about the LR2? Any comparable compact luxury SUV you'd rather recommend? Cheers. - Shikher

Guys what are your views about Honda Accord 2014 vs Nissan Altima 2014 - which one would you recommend.
- Ahmed

When do u think today's car will become redundant and we get to ride flying cars.
Comments on the 2014 RAV 4!...Kumar

Hi guys. Spoke to you last week regarding the 72 silver airstream I want to import. Can you recommend a good interior fit-out company for trailers/caravans in Dubai? Cheers. Don the silversmith.

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