Monday, June 02, 2014

Callin Road Safety June 1

We asked how can we make the UAE roads safer?

There were some good answers on the SMS.

Mini vans should have a speed lock at 80 km, fixed mandatorily to control speed. It should be checked at the time of registration renewal every year. Farhan AUH

Nothing wrong with mini vans, issue is hot headed drivers who don't care about anyone's life including their own life.  Thx nilantha

The police should stop all speeders and all people who violate the traffic laws when people get stopped they remember it and it is a public shaming

Step up police patrol. Police should drive vd the traffic in normal cars/vehicles to catch reckless drivers. Its geting worse day by day in uae.

Its like tje US gun laws hopeless to do anything

In singapore they confiscate mobile phones and crush them. Also we need to install average speed measurement using the salik system. Very effective and can be implemented immediatelY

My sug. For Road safety dubai police Mobile activities shud expand/increase on the main roadside high ways it will really reduce the accident avg in dubai.

I stopped my car and texting you
We need a lots of awareness media driven in tv and all social media to insure coverage across all age and demographic Specially in the high school where next step is driving licence 
While I was in us I lost my licence for speeding and I had to attend a Cless for month that

Here is the podcast.

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