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Luis Suárez Bites Again June 25

We asked the very simple question, is it time to throw the book at Luis Suárez ?

Here is the podcast.

This is some of what we read from the SMS line. What should have been done?

Bite him back lol.

Remove his teeth and let him play. Yonas.

It's ridiculous that a body like FIFA is gonna punish Suarez for biting when FIFA a corrupt body beyond belief which directly is responsible for taking a big bite of the Brazilian economy directly impacting the growth for the bear future for this developing nation, pity! Vinay

Why is it only the British media making a meal of out the Suarez bite!!! The Brit's are making more deal out of it than the Italians are!! Is it becausehe got England out of the WC?!!!!

Suarez is no doubt a good striker and a player! He should be heavily penalized but a ban would be too drastic!

Where I'm from;The first time children bite another in a nursery they get a warning, second time they get suspended and the third time expelled. There is no excuse for a grown adult to bite anyone! Jen

Why is it only the British media making a meal of out the Suarez bite!!! The Brit's are making more deal out of it than the Italians are!! Is it becausehe got England out of the WC?!!!! Because really the way it looks looking at all the British tabloids is that the Brits are a bit sore from the two goals he scored and are using it to cover up for the WC failure!!!

Boxing, rugby and all human contact sports have this issue and should have serious action taken, if not bound to continue
Pepe from portugal another con

Therapy is the answer. Mental illness is not cured through punishment. Magnus

I would like to what his school teacher's feedback on his school teacher and friends, looks like childhood behaviour, this how he release his anger, looks nice guy sorry for him, may be one more chance then banned for ever. Kamal

Option1...lifetine ban
Option2..if he doesnt want ban he can play but he should give 50percent  2 years of match fee to the effected players and 50 to charity...he will forget biting...maq

3 year olds would be banned from school, where in society is biting acceptable behaviour? He should be banned for a minimum of 1 year. Heard the comments of some re British media I'm scottish & I think they are correct as they have seen Suarez doing this before and at that time it was incomprehensible. No one is bigger than the game, FIFA, UEFA & I'm sure Liverpool will hopefully throw the book at him

The Brits are making a big deal of it because their Country values are strong on Fair Play !  The guy needs a shrink and a Ban, one year. Alan

No excuses, a wrong is a wrong, either a ban or play in small teams no official games

Ban him for life and let him earn his money with advertising for toothpaste.;) Martina

I think Suarez just needs a pacifier during every game.

Was suarez booked after the incident?
I believe liverpool had fined him before

Maybe soccer players can be given shoulder pads? - Nizam

Its all for the good of the game
If not handled correctly, expect more from others

This is criminal behaviour. If he did it on the street he would go to jail. That is where he belongs.

End of the day football is the dumbest and softest game on the planet. Without the soap opera acting and the scandal there would be nothing for footballfans to talk about for hours and hours on end. Ban them all, especially the biters.

Forget the ban, give him a part on the Walking dead.

I think the best treatment is Suarez getting bitten himself by some other player - Nizam

I assure u Liverpool won't ban him from business perspective, lets not forget that he is a player worth 50 + million £. But he deserves a long ban

Suarez has done gave damage to his own career and thrown the sport in disarray but it is not insurmountable!  Such a talented player needs HELP!!!!! Surely FIFA or the Uruguayan FA can assist in providing the necessary medical assistance.
The world does not need to denounce him!  The British media pounced on it to take the heat off their hurried departure from the World Cup; loss to Sri Lanka by one innings and ONE ball at Lords and Lewis Hamilton's miss at the Austrian Grand Prix.  He has not caused a death!!!!
An avid Dubai sportsman

He did it twice & got away with a ban for a few matches both times, he does it the 3rd time and if he gets away with a years ban or so then he will do it once again-He shd be banned for life-when u commit a mistake u say sorry but suarez defends himself saying this happens in football...crazy stuff

Sorry but fifa failed to even give him a red card on the spot via their ridicoulous referee and kept him on the pitch till the end. Thats not serious???? Suarez is not an athlete Nicola

Should join UFC :)

Suarez had bloodline from transuylvania fyi with dracula maybe?

Hi James, he should face a lengthy ban. I am not Brit but guys who accuse the British media have they seen the Italian tabloids.

UK media is upset because    He scored two goals against England.

Hi again James. It is a reasonable suggestion to say that the British have a strong sense of Justice it's part of their national identity . I'm generalising but of course each Country is different And having played Professional sport myself then I can say that all different countries have a general national identity and not all play fair! Anyhow it's a rough sport but Biting is too far and a Ban is needed.

How would 1 compare Zidane' s headbutt to this act? Justice must be served.

He is a good player, good for football. Give him a suspended sentence of life ban, if he repeat the same in the next three year. Also he can only play if he undergoes psychological treatment and certification by a specialist

Knockout Uruguay of the tournament, so that he is shamed as entire team and counter will feel what he did and also ban him for life

Confiscate his teeth!!!

Pepe had a headbutt to the German Muller and was booked but not bitey suarez

Hi Kamal again, I am not supporting him, I am a rugby frik and I know what sort of tackle goes in, is he made life threatening bite, what is different between biting and making hask tackle. He needs is mentoring. Thks Kamal

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Jukebox June 25

Paul Kelly joins me from and this week we play out some awesome tunes!

Here it is the podcast.

And here are the details.

June 25

1st- Dana Al fadan  

White Cube
1.  Azarel Fernandes. Track title is “Halfway to the moon”. He’s part of a duo called “Cannonball Productions”. Singer/songwriter and producer based in dubai. Website is

2. Chronicles of Khan. Track title is “Remember”. Chronicles of Khan is an entity between a solo act and a band. They are a musicians collective who perform head-bangin' sounds from the underground. (4)

Sharkiat vs. Maniacs

Clarita De Quiroz

Zahed Sultan

NightPlanner June 24

Stephanie Kaur, the Editor-in-Chief of joins me to talk about what is hot in the City!

The podcast.

And the notes.
Where I checked out last week.

Media One MED restaurant Iftar preview
Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate Iftar preview
Carters World Cup fever
Blue Marlin Closing party
Bliss Lounge closing party
Jazz@pizza express brunch
Ordered curry box for the first time :D

Top Places serving lunch over Ramadan

Thai chi  12pm-3pm
Carters-12pm- 2am
Ashas 12.30pm- 3.30pm
Zuma- 12.30- 3.15pm
Thyme- 12.30-3.30pm
Café pronto 7am- 7pm
Café sushi 12pm- 5pm
Hard Rock- 12pm- 1am
Tortuga (mina al salam) 12pm -3pm
Wheelers- 12pm- 3.30pm
Reform Social- 8am onwards
Tom and Serg- 12.-3.30pm
Aspen- 12.30-3.30pm
Le petite Maison- 12pm- 3pm

Straight from the source

Where I’m checking out next week!

Qbara iftar preview …

(Im flying to England on Thursday so nooo plans for the rest of the week in Dubai!)

DocTalk June 24

The doctors are in the house and once again it is all about the stuff going on in your life and this week travel medicine!

Need to talk to the doctors?

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

Here it is the podcast.

And this is what we planned to speak about.

-health travel!
Getting your meds prescribed before a holiday, anxiety, ear infections, strep throat.

-breast buds in boys?

Caffine and kids?

Chikungunya virus
  • Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted to humans by infected mosquitoes. It causes fever and severe joint pain. Other symptoms include muscle pain, headache, nausea, fatigue and rash.
  • The disease shares some clinical signs with dengue, and can be misdiagnosed in areas where dengue is common.
  • There is no cure for the disease. Treatment is focused on relieving the symptoms.
  • The proximity of mosquito breeding sites to human habitation is a significant risk factor for chikungunya.
  • Since 2004, chikungunya fever has reached epidemic proportions, with considerable morbidity and suffering.
  • The disease occurs in Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent. In recent decades mosquito vectors of chikungunya have spread to Europe and the Americas. In 2007, disease transmission was reported for the first time in a localized outbreak in north-eastern Italy.
Polio virus in sewage? In Brazil!

For the first time since 1994, the polio virus has been detected in Brazil, theWorld Health Organization said Monday. The virus — minute amounts of which can be detected — was found in a sewage sample from an airport near Campinas, in southeastern Brazil. It was collected in March and matched a strain recently found in Equatorial Guinea on the central African coast. There are no reports of any cases of paralysis; for every child paralyzed by polio, health authorities estimate that 200 more are carrying and shedding the virus with few or no symptoms. Because about 95 percent of Brazilian children are immunized against polio, the W.H.O. says it is very unlikely that the virus will spread widely and has not suggested any restrictions on travel to or from the country.

Bee Pollen Weight loss product issues!

how to guard against head lice

can children be given pain killers?

solid cast vs removable

broken toes anything we can do

what is a frozen shoulder

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

CarTalk June 23

And here we go again with the boys from and Trevor Hill the MD of Audi Middle East, we talk cars!

Lots of Audi talk in the podcast!

And here is what we planned to talk about.

Trevor Hill - Managing Director Audi Middle East

Driving what?
Please find attached the press release titled "  ENOC to provide environment-friendly Euro 5 diesel from July 1 at no extra cost   

Mitsubishi ASX

Audi A6 looking like a charger from the back?

Not a TT fan!

Does the 2015 Acura TLX, the replacement for both the TL and TSX, make the cut?

Volkswagen didn't have rallycross-ready Beetle GRC racers to show when it announced the cars in Chicago,

t’ll need significant modifications to be a legitimate zombie fighter, but as of today Hyundai’s The Walking Dead Special Edition Tucson can now be yours. The special Tucson was first teased at last year’s Los Angeles auto show when the automaker promised it would eventually go on sale this year.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is the car charged with reviving the Italian brand in America, starting in 2014. It’s a mid-engined two-seater, with a carbon-fiber body, an aluminum suspension, powered by a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that sends power to the rear wheels through a dual-clutch gearbox. It's a semi-exotic, from just about...

TechTalk June 23

Andrew Thomas from joins me as we navigate the interesting and sometimes odd world of Technology.

And here is the podcast!

Here are the show notes!


Review Samsung Galaxy K
- I love this!
-Nokia runes Windows making this an easy to love phone
-Optical ZOOM WOW!
-I want to keep it!

Jabra Speaker
400$ 1500dhs
-14 hrs charge
WOW reminded me of the boom box I had when I was 15

Jawbone Era

Use the camera to translate text into different languages

Pointless app or the sign of times?


Snapchat killer?

Snap chat targeting brands again


Check out this new camera!

Drones will be banned in US National Parks and how about here?

A sign language translating wearable! WOW


Uber x in Abu Dhabi!

Amazon fire app incentive

Amazon firefly

Google and a more consistent web? Interesting files

Today Google launched Web Starter Kit, a download that consists of all the templates and tooling developers need to create sites that function on any device and any display.  
Today’s Internet users don’t have just one device. They prefer as physical keyboard for their PCs but they want as touch screens on mobile. These days, no two screen sizes are alike. Users expect the same website to perform differently depending on the device by which it is accessed.

An affordable iMac?
Apple is now selling a new wallet-friendly iMac, retailing at just £899 - the only model currently pricing at less than four figures.
Notorious for its high-end price tags, Apple now hopes to broaden its customer base with a cheaper model that sits at £150 below the next cheapest version.
In the trade-off between cost and specs, cost won, with the new iMac toting a 1.4-GHz processor (the £1,049 model packs more of a punch with a 2.7-GHz CPU).
Fortunately, Apple says you can still turbo-boost the cheaper model up to 2.7-GHz if you’re not getting enough iOomph.
Apple’s also knocked a chunk off the storage, with the budget iMac sporting a 500GB hard-drive – that’s half of the 1TB its predecessor comes armed with.
The cheaper device will still ship with a 21.5-inch screen, 8GB of RAM, and the latest Apple OS.
In other news, Apple’s set-top box – Apple TV – is now down to £79, a slash from the previous £99.
Interesting! Job hunting tool!

Business social network LinkedIn is helping job-seekers find their dream careers on the go with its new free LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
LinkedIn product manager Daniel Ayele describes the app, which is only available to US users for now, as a "one-stop shop for your job-seeking needs", and states that job-seekers who apply for jobs on the first day they're posted are 10pc more liked to get that job.
“That means that if you are an active job-seeker, your job search can't stop just because you've stepped away from your desk," Ayele wrote on the LinkedIn Official Blog.

Cost of living via crowd sourcing!


Handy guide for mobile users

Great news for music lovers and android owners alike

Noting tech about this but very cool!

Papa Johns will never be the same!

Security is a huge issue in our mobile ap world!

Selfies now this is fun!

GetFitRadio June 22

Marcus Smith from joins me, and Holly is here also, to talk fitness and you.

Here is the podcast!

Here is what we planned to speak about!

1. James,
I have a question for the show with Marcus.
What are the best exercises for improving running acceleration and speed you can do in the gym? I am guessing leg work and explosive things like box jumps, but if they are how often should you be training for it? should you go heavy or light and fast reps? and is there any substitute for the running track?
2. Is it possible that 2 weeks of junk food and walking out-do 3 months of diet and gyming? I lost double the weight

3. if we had to pick an all round exercise what might you suggest?

4. what are our biggest training mistakes

5. walking or runner better for fat loss?

6. how long should I rest between workouts?

7. how long for muscle to turn to fat if I stop training? Worried about the summer

8. workout when we are sick?