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TechTalk May 5

Andrew Thomas from joins me to talk gadgets, apps and much more.

This is the best tech conversation in the UAE on the radio!

And here are the show notes!

the most important item - today is star wars day - may the 4th be with you

Part 1

App of the week
Podomatic! I use it and it is great Android and I0S

2 Questions via sms

Why Android and not Apple?

Would really appreciate your detailed opinion.

How about hawei phones?

Serious - very cool web browser, incredible visual experience

Today, we’re launching a new iPad product called Coast by Opera. Primarily designed for leisure surfing, the goal is invisible technology; the browser treats websites as apps, using gestures for navigation so that nothing gets in the way of an intuitive, full-screen experience.
Since Mosaic, browsers have sported back buttons, menus, icons (many of which have barely changed in 20 years). Coast dispenses with most of these; “back” is a left swipe; adding to speed dial is a single drag of a site’s icon; reload is a drag downwards. The only buttons that remain are a home button and a “recent sites” button.
We want Coast to help close the user experience gap between traditional web browsers rendering web pages, and apps. We don’t want native apps to beat the web — we want the web to win.

follow up from chrome cast last week, stream your videos

UBC project hopes to deliver prenatal education via text

Researchers at the University of B.C. are extending the growing trend of digital health to the womb with a project aimed at delivering prenatal education by text to moms-to-be who can’t attend classes.
The program, SmartMom Canada, was created to meet a need in B.C.’s northern health region and will be piloted there and in the Fraser Valley Health region. Professor Patti Janssen of UBC’s School of Population and Public Health is leading the initiative in conjunction with the university’s Child and Family Research Institute.
“In northern B.C. one of the issues is that women are not able to attend prenatal classes because of the distance involved and the sparseness of the population, so we came up with the idea of delivering prenatal education through text messaging,” said Janssen, who also heads up Optimal Birth B.C., a research group funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

This is a cool way to learn electronics!
Circuit Playground is a cute and informative video series created to teach kids (and everyone else) about electronics. The videos are based on the A-Z coloring book that Adafruit Industries published last year.

Part 2


You can no longer opt out of being tracked when you use Yahoo services.
Yahoo announced on its global public policy blog that as of this week, "web browser Do Not Track settings will no longer be enabled on Yahoo."
That means the requests of users who indicate in their browser privacy settings that they don't want their online behaviour monitored on Yahoo sites will be ignored.
Many web companies, including giants such as Google and Yahoo, track user behaviour by default in order to mine data and to serve up targeted advertising and personalized search results.

there are a lot of apps being downloaded!

The number of downloads on the iOS App Store hit a record of 7.1 million daily downloads in March, up 41 percent from a year ago, according to mobile app marketer Fiksu.
The Fiksu data also shows that the cost of launching new apps on iOS dropped 10 percent from February to 17 cents, while Android dropped 5 percent to 10 cents.
Although traffic was high, marketers were able to keep spending in check through programmatic buying, the automated purchasing of mobile ads in a targeted way. The decrease in cost per app launch –  the cost of each repeat app launch over time, which focuses on engagement and life-time value of mobile users — is due not to the increase in devices in the market, but to the dramatic increase in app usage.
The Fiksu App Store Competitive Index measures the average aggregate daily download volume of the top 200 free U.S. iPhone apps. eMarketer believes that growth rates for both Android and iOS will be almost identical in 2014, so Android downloads are likely following the same path.
Fiksu cost per loyal user
This is a cool thing.

Two Jeanes can help each other save fuel and stay out of car accidents:

Jeane uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with other Jeanes, within a 50 foot range, and transmit acceleration data between drivers.
By sensing the acceleration of another Jeane user, you can synchronize with that user. Two drivers are in sync when they accelerate or brake, the same amount at the same time.
When two cars are going in the same direction, and their velocities are equal, the distance between them is constant.
When paired with another Jeane, your Jeane vibrates to tell you when the other car is slowing down or speeding up. Jeane's feedback can cut your reaction time down from seconds to milliseconds.
These are interesting numbers!

Within the interactive world, time may as well be akin to dog years. At this rate and speed at which kids are adopting and inspiring new devices, services and networks, it’s as if seven years’ worth of progress are being compressed into one.
So it’s visually eye-opening to see just how much has changed in terms of kids’ mobile, gaming and social networking habits over a five-year span. Here, UK-based digital marketing platform SuperAwesome, which currently houses the largest kids research panel in the region, has mapped out a compelling crop of comparative data from 2009 to 2014.
Among the most staggering statistics, gathered over five years from UK kids ages four to 14, is the fact that 62% of kids see their friends less than they once did back in 2009, and, contradictory to recent studies conducted by Nielsen, traditional TV-watching on a daily basis has dropped by 10% since 2009. One overarching theme? Today’s kids are considered to be more creators than consumers, so prepare to be inspired:

Part 3

smartphone penetration in the UK - over 90% by 2016

drivers ed from the phone

The SCiO Pocket Molecular Sensor

Wondering how nutritious that food is, if that plant needs water, or just whatthat misplaced pill is? Well, the makers of SCiO claim that their device is able to tell you all of those things, plus a lot more. To use it, you just scan the item in question for one or two seconds, then check the readout on a Bluetooth 4.0-linked smartphone.
  • The prototype SCiO device
  • The evolution of SCiO
  • The SciO food app
SCiO is actually a miniature spectroscope. Like the bigger, more expensive laboratory-grade models it's based on, it works by shining near-infrared light on materials, exciting their molecules in the process. By analyzing the light that's reflected off those vibrating molecules, it's reportedly possible to identify them by their unique optical signature, and thus determine the chemical composition of the material.
In the case of SCiO, an accompanying iOS or Android app sends its readings to the cloud, where algorithms process the data in real time. The results should appear on the phone's screen within a matter of seconds.

musicians can contribute to a song via different platforms and online!


Musistic was founded by musicians for musicians. We were all too aware of the problems present in remote collaboration and wanted to find a way where we didn’t have to continually download, ship or schlep files just to get our jam on. So we created a plug-in that took care of all that. But we know that it only works if it actually works.
So feel free to holler at us with any comments, questions or concerns and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. Word.
Create an account and download the Musistic Plug-In now and begin making some awesome with anyone, anywhere, anytime.
Skype has upped the game
Using Hangouts?
Skype is liberating group calls and screen sharing for all users, which are two powerful additions that should please businesspeople and enterprises everywhere.
Group calls had long been available to Skype Premium customers on Mac, Windows and even Xbox One, but now it’s rolling out to anyone using those systems—free of charge.
Microsoft GM of consumer marketing Phillip Snalune said free group calls will eventually roll out to people using mobile devices and other systems, but for now, it’s just available for Windows, Mac and Xbox One users. It’s a solid start, however, especially when you consider Microsoft was likely feeling pressure from Google Hangouts, which is also free, but doesn’t need to be downloaded like Skype. Of course, Google Hangouts also works on mobile devices, which Skype is still working on.

Part 4
Funny - follow up the annoying flappy birds, bit like the old fashioned duck hunt!

This is cool! Hear taste!
Don't worry, that's not a typo. You can actually swipe across this poster to hear what a handful of spices sound like. The interactive artwork is the result of a collaboration between the creative agency Grey London and Schwartz, an herb and spice brand. After an illustrator penned the visual for what each of the culinary add-ons might look like, they were assigned individual notes based on taste. For example, cumin is an E flat major and fennel got a higher-pitched F minor.

Project ARa (phoneblok) to use 3d printing?

something cool - christmas every month :)

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