Tuesday, May 13, 2014

TechTalk May 12

Too much technology and not enough time!

Andrew Thomas from DigitalNexa.com joined me for a good old romp through the technology world.

Here is the podcast and the notes.

EarBud Review by Andrew
Headphone review

These are great! Seriously loved them.

It's starts so young these days, an app for babies that interacts with the tv! Big change from our day

PM App

This is huge! Oracle can own API’s!
In an unusual decision, an appeals court in Washington ruled on Friday that Oracle can copyright application programming interfaces (APIs) for the Java programming language. The ruling is a defeat for Google, which uses the APIs for its Android software, but also has implications for the technology industry as a whole, where APIs — which let computer programs speak to each other — are considered to be a basic building tool and outside the scope of copyright.
In a unanimous three-judge ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit held that a district judge in California erred in 2012 by declaring that the APIs were simply a function or an idea, and not an expression subject to copyright protection.

The ruling is significant because it goes against traditional understandings of the “idea/expression dichotomy” under copyright law, which holds that a form or concept can’t be protected, but that a specific expression of it can be; for instance, the structure of a sonnet is not copyrightable but a specific poem is. In the case of the Java APIs, the appeals court has given Oracle a monopoly over what appears to be a functional concept.

Think india price, bandwidth, lots of people
The next stage of is affordable entry level phones

Squares not the only game in town

Kill switch on mobiles


Oh this is interesting and apple is up to something!

Interesting way to provoke password strenght

Apple may buy Beats!

The Financial Times reports Apple Inc. is closing in on a deal to buy Beats
3 billion for headphones? It's more than that

Electronics—specifically, the company's headphones and streaming music service—in what would be the Cupertino company's largest deal to date.
Obviously, a deal like this would have huge implications for Apple—particularly its music-related divisions, including iTunes, the fledgling iTunes Radio streaming service, as well as the company's mobile devices, which all ship with a pair of Apple's white in-ear headphones, called "EarPods."
First, iTunes Radio will likely see a boost from Beats' own streaming service, which launched earlier this year. Our review of Beats Music said the program felt like a human DJ "leading you from familiar places to unfamiliar ones all while keeping you in the proverbial groove." We further predicted Beats Music could be the best music streaming service out there—perhaps Apple thought the same thing. In the meantime, Apple is expected to offer a few improvements to iTunes in iOS 8.


More people are opening email on mobile devices

Bit of fun, but this was an Instagram hit!

Wordpress raises cash why?

This is simple and great! Move the USM on your MAC

Not tech but interesting.

Amazing potentially life changing approval for robotic limb

4square are evolving, it's all about social discovery

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