Thursday, May 01, 2014

TechTalk April 28

Andrew Thomas from joined me as he does to talk tech and talk we did! And Oscar from joined us for part 1.

And the show notes!

For the coffee fanatic!

a new keyboard

Review of google chrome

remote control cooking!

Conference of all conferences for tech geeks the Summit!

A play that shows us how much info about us is available!

Disney pushes further into preschool mobile space, tech is good and bad!

Microsoft owns Nokia!

Microsoft has completed its purchase of Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.44bn euros ($7.5bn; £4.5bn).
The deal between the two firms should have been completed earlier this year but it was delayed by a hold-up in regulatory approvals.
The sale will see the end of production of mobile phones by Nokia.
"Today we welcome the Nokia devices and services business to our family," said Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella.
"The mobile capabilities and assets they bring will advance our transformation."
The Finnish company will now focus on networks, mapping services and technology development and licences.

Another look at the US and how they spend their time MEDIA is it!
-tv is down
-mobile is up

3D printing for basic house?

Pinterest adds a search tool upping the game!

Remeber the Commodore Amiga?
And imagine the format no longer exists!
Magnetic imaging tools were used to copy data on the disks so no damage was done to the original floppies. Examination of the copied data revealed several files that had titles such as "campbells.pic", "flower.pic" and "marilyn1.pic" that were reminiscent of Warhol's best-known works.
The recovery project was initially thwarted from viewing the actual images as the data was saved in an obscure format that modern Amiga emulators could not read.


Lowtech food delivery!

Parents need to lead the way and get off their mobile devices if they expect their kids to get off them!

Amazon stocks down!
Amazon (AMZN.O) was the S&P 500's worst performer, down 9.9 percent to $303.83, and other high-flying sectors dropped along with it

And Now Amazon is using a courier!

They found the Atari ET games!

It looks like the legend might be true after all. Microsoft has uncovered intact copies of E.T.for the Atari 2600 at a New Mexico landfill, supporting claims that Atari buried legions of unsold cartridges in the desert after the movie-themed game proved to be a massive failure. With that said, it's not yet clear that this is the treasure trove that Microsoft was hoping to find for its first Xbox-only documentary. The excavation team has only found a few E.T. units as of this writing, and they have company -- there's a shrink-wrapped copy of Centipede in the mix, for one thing. If the team does find many more examples of the extra-terrestrial flop, though, it could finally put a 32-year-old mystery to rest.

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