Thursday, May 15, 2014

Raise Petrol Prices? May 14

The question was simple.

Is it time to raise petrol prices and live with the knock on effect that might be fewer cars on the road?

This is how the show went.

You had a lot to say on the SMS, here is some of it.

We will make the petrol company happy...

Do all that but make ire the public transport is well connected and the walking to each stations be it bus or metro - thanx to the sunny side it ain't cool 

Wat abt the primitive road systems in sharjah ?
Hi james, my skodas do around 42 to 50 mpg (say 60 to 80 kms per gallon), and yup my jeep goes offrd once a week maybe (18 to 20mpg).. Petrol price whatis the actual pump price so that a small profit could be made by the retailers? B rgds ian (skoda guy)

Great idea. Increase fuel prices so they cascade to higher food prices so people waste less. Cool huh? Yatz

This would drive inflation to unprecedented rates, rents are already ridiculous. This will make people's life worse,force them to live farther from the city. People are overworked and live far from their work place. The core is people living in sharjah and working in jebel Ali. Less accident? Decrease rents,let people live near their work place. Taxis make lots of accidents because they work for 12hrs

Guns don't kill people James. Yonas

thank u for giving another idea with the rent hike. pls think about those of us who travel from ajman to dubai to work pls think outside jlt n marina. secondly, last time petrol went up everyone used it as an excuse to increase prices of everything especially school transport which is already expensive. khurram

Rais petrol price cause more public transport use?

Ofcourse NOT, 
I live in dubai sports city, getting a taxi to halfway in town costs me around 80-100 dhs,  but i feel my car with 120 dhs it last for almost 3-4 days going anywhere in town and even get back home.

Unless they make the gas price 3-5 times more than what it is, they can't make me choose public transport instead of my own.

Gas prices in Lebanon is almost 4 times higher, you think the economy there is better? And do you think those driving V8 or V12 would ever care about 500 or 1000 Aed increase/month on their fuel charges? Khajag

We are all forgetting that there is no taxes in this country! The key to growing a public transport is taxing the people, vinay

Hi James,
Why not make Public Transport free except Taxis & you will see the change

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