Monday, May 05, 2014

May 4 Volunteering Call In

Do you volunteer?
Do we need to make it a legal responsibility for a company to provide community volunteers?
Why do some people not volunteer?

Nightline asked for your story.

Here are some of the SMS interactions.

  • I volunteer just to finish my community and service hours for my school to be honest

  • I am a volunteer fanatic,done many volunteering with VID, but the current lifestyle in UAE, is detrimental and just detering volunteering, for example living in RAK, working in Dubai, DIP, you barely get home to look after yourself
  • Mandatory volunteering would simply be filling in for the governments failure. Eg collecting clothes for labourers because their companies are allowed to treat them and pay them as slaves.

  • I do some volunteer work every time it's raining in UAE because own a 4wheeler. It's surprisingly a large number of people whom in need of help with a car break down. Even if it means dropping them to a gas station or even to their home. Tariq

  • How would the charities be chosen? I feel certain groups would get special treatment by knowing the right people. Joel

Here is the podcast.

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