Tuesday, May 13, 2014

GetFitRadio May 11

Live from Engine gym the home of innerfight.
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So here is the score with Marcus!

 Is sports drink necessary?
 What's your thoughts on HIIT workouts?
 Love d show guys. Tummy gets bloated after eatinh any solutions.  Thx zeb

-Have you heard of body sculpting workouts?

-how to avoid back pain can you recap

-Holly in the Kitchen

-crossfit update

-training smart or hard can you do both?

- I hear talk of recovering harder than you train can you elaborate?
Remember, when you are in the gym, you are actually causing very minor damage to your muscles and applying stress to your system.  You must then give your body the rest and nutrients that it needs to recover from that stress.  Otherwise, the next time you go in the gym, you won’t have recovered from the damage and you’ll be causing more damage.
-how can we look like wolverine with crossfit?

-if `take a break from training how do I get motivated again?

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