Thursday, May 08, 2014

Food Waste May 7

So, food waste, how do you rank?

Here is the podcast.

The sad reality is food waste is a huge issue.

1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year.
300 million barrels of oil and 25 per cent of all fresh water is used to produce the
food that is wasted globally.
198 million hectares of land are used to produce food that is lost or wasted each year — the size of Mexico.
33 per cent of Abu Dhabi’s waste comprises food, according to a 2009 study by the Centre for Waste Management – Abu Dhabi.
5,600 megatonnes of greenhouse gases are associated with producing food that is
ultimately lost or wasted.
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Here are some of the other articles we looked at during the chat.

And here is what you said on the SMS.

  • Foodwaste is a faux pas in our house, if anything is left, we bokashi it. Nabil
  • Food waste is a proof that world famine problems is not a issue of short production , but of inefficient distribution .... Therefore no need for geneticmodified crops .... Leonardo
  • I share the food which left over with bird and chickens in our garden. Rice, fruit and vegetables all audible by birds. Zaki
  • I think the up size meal at the fast food restaurant its a way to make more money thats why its required by there staff
  • just got in in car so catching tail end of conversation but heard you say bokashi - saw those compost bbins in the change initiative this morning, look quite good. and make compost too! hannah
  • Bokashi is Japanese form of composting that releases less CO2 and preserves more nutrients than traditional composting, nabil
  • Kudos to mr. Cooper and I am part of his Ramadan strategy and u have spotted it - thank you to him again - respect. Praveen
  • I take 7 meals instead of 3 but 80% smaller in size frm normal. Mansoor
  • Foodwaste in Sweden is converted to biogas to run the city busses
  • Rest in Singapore with great buffet charged u by weight left on your plate. Stops all that wastage. Great idea for fri brunch here. Craig

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