Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Callin May 25 Facebbok

This evening the conversation was all about how much thought we are giving to what we post to social media.

As it would turn out we don't seem to give it that much thought.

Here is some of what was said on the SMS line.

I one e saw some content on Facebook that was disturbing also, I asked for them to delete it but they said it was normal. HOWEVER I reported the contentthe second time and they did delete it.

I like putting up family photos up on social media so that my family and friends all over the world can see them instantly. I do censor what I put up, as some things may not make sense in other parts of the world. I think people should feel free to post their own photos without worrying about their employers seeing them. What one does outside the work place shouldn't affect their employment . Its good what Facebook is now offering, all photos are apparently saved somewhere or other in a server. The new TRA conditions are quite harsh, however they are meant for our own good.

These are some of the resources we used for the show.

And here is the podcast.

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