Thursday, May 22, 2014

Call-in May 20 Mothers and work

The callin question this evening was all about whether we need more flexibility in the workplace for working mothers.

Here are some of the messages we had on the SMS.

This issue is not just about caring for children. I have many personal errands to run but I can't due to corporate life. Is it therefore fair if a colleague has freedom to roam?

When you have business you look to the people as figures and numbers.   Hazem

I believe in flexibility for mothers and not only for maternity leaves but to have the opportunity to raise their kids

 Not have nannies or maids or day-cares but to actually be parents.  -Tamashi

How about 6 months maternity leave?  This is what AUS is doing.

A flexible system is very difficult to implement. The quantitative approach (face time, hours of presence...) is much easier (and *safer* for the middlemanagement) to implement than a qualitative one (amount and quality of work produced - who's to judge that quality?). The business case is difficult to balance: long term benefits from flexibility paid in the short term , and asking the managers stick their neck out for productivity... Difficult! Stefano, former consultant, where the attitude is the macho one of "all hands on deck, the first to leave is a pussy!"

Here are some of the materials we looked at for the show.

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