Thursday, May 22, 2014

Call-in May 18 Heavy Truck Safety

Nightline asked the question, "are you concerned about heavy truck safety on the UAE roads"?

The big issue becomes do we penalise the driver, the company a combination of the 2?

What about the issue of training?

Here is a sample of what we got from the SMS.

Hi again james, also speed is a big factor... Trucks and buses are at 80 kph limit... Cars maybe new speed limits, but it really comes down to the driver... Ian (skoda guy)

Hi James, For the construction bus drivers they start working early and do not get too much rest. The companies must be fined for this. Luwellyn

Intreasting topic. I might sound rude. This is what happens when un educated drivers are allowed to drive and the label amber color is easy to make it shoud be given by RTA with the vehicle rigisterd. That might help. Safe driving SK

Wht abt the 3 digit number plates speeding and flashing their xenon lights? 

On another note - do the traffic cops talking politely - when I speak to them in English bcos I'm Indian they start speaking in Hindi and I can barely speak back in Hindi- and if at anytime u disagree with the cops they ask foryour license and say u can settle it in court. I feel they just want to close the case and go - Renny

 That's a bus cutting in front of other cars at the traffic lights !!

Hi james. The truck owners should pehaps follow the same standards as the enoc/eppco petrol drivers and their tankers.. ? Ian (skoda guy). .

Bus/truck/heavy vehicle driver should have enough sleep. 2 drivers must be mandatory for long distance , each drives half way ! You can't blame the driver  for a trip RAK-Abu Dhabi !!! We need rules & regulations !!!!

Here are some of the articles we looked at.

Do we need better policing of transport vehicles?

Are we in a crisis situation when it comes to transport vehicles and road safety? What do we do? do companies need time?

Common causes of truck accidents
1. The most common causes of truck accidents are driver error prior to and during the trip, mechanical failures, weather conditions, road design, and traffic signal failures.
Factors such as the use of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, speeding, fatigue, inattention, distractions, work environment, and unfamiliarity with the road all can contribute to driver error. But by far the most common causes of trucking accidents are driver fatigue and sleep deprivation.
2. Equipment failure
3. Brake failure due to inadequate adjustments
4. Tire blowouts due to wear
5. Improper securing or load distribution, contributing to truck rollover

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