Saturday, May 03, 2014

6 hr work day April 30

The question we had was is a 6hr workday possible?

Here is a sample of what came into the SMS.

Sure. Let's also pay 55% income tax then. Arno
If it worked for kellogg why fid they stop it? 
In Uae People workload is 4 at least people load. It would b nice if th employers startd respectin th work hrs mentiond in th contract nd stop overloadin employees with work
It takes 15 minutes until you lose focus and concentration. What focus will you have if you go 8 let alone 12 hours. A moderate number of hours means more efficiency. - Saif
 Overloading??? Uae productivity is such a joke! Some nationalities are just not fit for focusing more than 30 minutes and then complain about workload! 
The question itself is flawed. It varies from industry to industry. 
Or we could stick to an 8 hour work week and have a 3 day weekend :)
I guarantee this has beem studied in industrial and organizational psychology from the 60 and 70s.  I remember studying this in uni.  Will 
Here is an article we based the conversation on.
And the podcast to share.

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