Saturday, May 31, 2014

JukeBox May 28

Paul Kelly,, joins me on a weekly basis to bring some of the most interesting independent recording artists from the Middle East to the radio.

This week.

Wyvern - Snakes of Seduction:

White Cube Shout Out

Dorian "Paul D" Rogers featuring Kim Glaspie in "Labor of Love"

Maxine la day.

And here is the podcast to share!

Internship Callin May 28

The question on Nightline was simple.

 Are internships worth it?

 What you said.

Good evening James! Internship is very important for one to grow..Important to find the right firm with the right team or will come out with indelible scars..My take on this;-)

Great show James. Gov needs to do more, to make the process easier here. Let's give youth the opp to develop job skills.

Internships are an amazing opportunity to better ones career portfolio especially for new graduates. Unfortunately internships in this part of the world means free labour. Had an amazing experience with one events company but absolutly hated my first two " internships" - Shelton

Some of what we looked at.

And the podcast!

Nightplanner May 27

Stephanie Kaur is the Editor-in-Chief of and she joins me every week to talk about places to go to in Dubai.

 Yes there is a lot of food involved!

This was a very busy week!

And there was a special focus on ladies nights!

Where I checked out last week.

The Grape excape-Hilton JBR
Claw BBQ- Souk Al Bahar
Yacht Club- Dubai Marina
Mahiki- Jumeriah Beach Hotel
Shayan- Al Ghuarair Rotana
UBK- Movenpick JLT

A ladies Night for each day of the week!

Sunday- Senorita Sundays @Maya- Le Royal Meridian
Monday- iKandy @Shangri La hotel
Tuesday- Pink Ladies @ Mahiki
Wednesday- Gossip with the Girls @Dek on 8- Media One
Thursday- Blends @ address hotel Dubai Marina
Friday- The Stables on Sheikh Zayed Road
Saturday- Rosso @ Amwaj Rotana

Straight from the source

Where I’m checking out next week



DocTalk May 27

The Doctors join me for a good old conversation about things going on in our medical lives.

Dr Shereen Habib, Well Woman Clinic

Dr Sean Petherbridge Keith Nicholl Medical Centre

This week we had a good list of topics and only made it part way through the mix.

Atrial Fibrillation
What's in the office? - pulling broken glass from a foot.
rectal bleeding

1 picking a hospital

2. long term prescriptions

3. drug resistant superbugs

4. Hepb and Hep3

5. what are growing pains

6 friend had a pulled shoulder from lifting and was worried it might be an infection?

7. twitching eyelids?

8. stomach ulcer

9 why do we get burst blood vessels in our eyes?

And here are a few of the questions that came in.

My mum has had benign tumors in her breast that have reduced in size with her weight loss and eating healthier. Now she's found a swollen knot between her breasts - is there a lymfnote there?

Hi Doctors. My count for WBC is never less than 10,000. Do you think I might have some inflammation or infrection of which I am not aware?

I have arrythmia, tachycardia on daily basis(been on betablocker, no change. Done all checks, 2 places. What should i do

Good evening guys! What do u guys think about a sort of wound appearing on the eyelid? Met a doc and tried eyedrops and ointment and its gone after few days..Again reappeared at the same spot..Bit perplexed now doc..Advice pls..Cheers!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CarTalk May 26

The boys from are in the house and they brought Jack Rondencal MD of Fiat/Chrysler ME with them.

We had a great chat about the New Cherokee, the Dart, and a few more cool vehicles.

If it is cars you are interested in, or not, this is the show you will want to listen to and share because you simply never know what will come out of the mouths of these boys.

Here is the Podcast!

Special Jukebox May 26

Paul Kelly from joins me to share some great tunes from independent recording artists in the Middle East.

This week Alia is back with some true fusion and we have White Cube Shout outs. 

Kicksound - By Now - -good fun 

Peter Martin 



Here is the podcast, share!

GetFitRadio May 25

Marcus Smith joins me from and on a weekly basis we unpack what is and is not working in your fitness world.

We are also very lucky to have Holly joining us for a visit to the healthy kitchen and she helps us get fed in a healthy way.

Here are some of the questions from this week.

JawBoneUP 24 LOVE IT!

-hearing people talk about Develop a training session that is narrow in scope with clear objectives to achieve consistent technical improvements.

-suggestions for a golf warmup
-suggestions for a tennis workout
-in a workout how much aerobic exercise is good?
-how do I find the ideal exercise program for me?

-Muffin top burner quickie: 1) 30 second plank, 25 regular crunches, 10 side lunges, 25 sit-ups

The podcast!

Callin May 25 Facebbok

This evening the conversation was all about how much thought we are giving to what we post to social media.

As it would turn out we don't seem to give it that much thought.

Here is some of what was said on the SMS line.

I one e saw some content on Facebook that was disturbing also, I asked for them to delete it but they said it was normal. HOWEVER I reported the contentthe second time and they did delete it.

I like putting up family photos up on social media so that my family and friends all over the world can see them instantly. I do censor what I put up, as some things may not make sense in other parts of the world. I think people should feel free to post their own photos without worrying about their employers seeing them. What one does outside the work place shouldn't affect their employment . Its good what Facebook is now offering, all photos are apparently saved somewhere or other in a server. The new TRA conditions are quite harsh, however they are meant for our own good.

These are some of the resources we used for the show.

And here is the podcast.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

JukeBox May 21

Paul Kelly joins me from as we delve into the wild and diverse world of independent recording artists in the middle east.

This week Alia joins us and we introduce our own version of the White Cube Studio shout outs.

Here are some of the tunes played this week.

Khalifa (White Cube Shoutout) 
Jisr Al Wadi - Jason Carter (White Cube Studios)
Grand Hotel Paradox - Pit Philosophy 
White Collar Warfare - Wonderland

Call-in May 21 rent

We had a very spirited conversation on Nightline about rent in Dubai and the UAE in general.

Here is a sample of what came in to the SMS.

The question is not if "anyone is listening" . The question is: does anyone care??!! Elena H.

For Landlord "the sky is the limit" 
For the tenant "the country border is the limit"

Start re-engineering your life and career to start a trek to life and financial success. Then you can slowly and gradually be financially free from rentraises. Omar

Just to give a bit of balance, I am so fortunate to be a part of the small and probably mostly silent minority who is a tenant of one of the big playersin the real estate environment who has not increased my rent. I am renewing for the fourth year without increase. I have neighbours who have had no increase for 5! New leases obviously reflect new rates,  but my wonderful landlord looks after existing tenants. Donald

My wife and I are looking to move to RAK and I will commute to dubai due to rental and school fees.  100k rent in dubai land plus 70k school for 2 boys under 6 is killing us slowly.  If only wages were increasing to keep in line.  In RAK a 4 bed villa can be rented for 50k and school fees are 20k for two.  I commuted 1.5 hours in UK so no issues.  


12 cheques would help..!

I dont get it there are clear and enforceable rules in dubai on rent increases.

Hi. Rent is big issue . I moved to Sharjah . Now must be super organized and wake up 5am to leave to Dubai by 5-30 am. It takes only 30 min this at this time. 

On the flip side of my previous text, I have a friend who rented on Business Bay while it was almost completely undeveloped. The landlord is evicting the tenants of the entire tower so that they can re-lease at a 70% higher Rental.  If the eviction process is legal, Rera can do nothing. DONALD

My rental renewal is coming up next month and I have decided to pay my rent in court. 
Cheers,  Iqbal

I don't know y peple complain in sharjh, Shj municiplty limits the increase for 3 yrs.

My experience is that rera is quite reasonable. The rules are tight in what a landlord actually can do. If you renew ans your landlord is un-reasonable go to rera. Best regards alex
\Rents in dxb. Some things are legal but just plain wrong. James you have some guts showcasing this event. Kudos to you.

Abdul has a point. I agree 100%. Thanks. Naveed

Launching next week is a website called This website will help deal with property rights for both landlords and tenants with regards to tenancy contracts, rental rights and price increases. This service should help everyone understand their rights better. Tobias

Fairmont residences palm- tenants have been going through the mill for past 12mths. Asked to leave as Russian / the stans! owners say coming to live in apts but all become vacant to rent to holiday makers. Most empty much of the time and now till sept. 15 left one mth ago as latest .Tenants left to fightfor themselves and have to go to  rera but already not much happens unless go to court. Time the housing tax was also cancelled as who can afford it . An extra 10000 aed a year for us. 160 already rent plus 5% plus 4800 palm utilities - 170000pa without living!  Tax needs to stop and something need to bedown re above plus increases. Thx. Sarah

Here are a few of the articles we looked at.

Nightplanner May 20

Stephanie Kaur, the editor-in-chief of joins me to help plan your week!
Here are the links to the places we spoke about.

Senorita Sundays
Vip Room
Blue Marlin

Top 5 Events this week!

Straight from the source

Where Im checking out next week

Pure Skybar Sunset Brunch
Beach day @ Sheraton JBR

Call-in May 20 Mothers and work

The callin question this evening was all about whether we need more flexibility in the workplace for working mothers.

Here are some of the messages we had on the SMS.

This issue is not just about caring for children. I have many personal errands to run but I can't due to corporate life. Is it therefore fair if a colleague has freedom to roam?

When you have business you look to the people as figures and numbers.   Hazem

I believe in flexibility for mothers and not only for maternity leaves but to have the opportunity to raise their kids

 Not have nannies or maids or day-cares but to actually be parents.  -Tamashi

How about 6 months maternity leave?  This is what AUS is doing.

A flexible system is very difficult to implement. The quantitative approach (face time, hours of presence...) is much easier (and *safer* for the middlemanagement) to implement than a qualitative one (amount and quality of work produced - who's to judge that quality?). The business case is difficult to balance: long term benefits from flexibility paid in the short term , and asking the managers stick their neck out for productivity... Difficult! Stefano, former consultant, where the attitude is the macho one of "all hands on deck, the first to leave is a pussy!"

Here are some of the materials we looked at for the show.

TechTalk May 19

Andrew Thomas from joins me to talk technology!
And here are the show notes.


Jawbone UP 24

-bluetooth, improved fit
-son loved it
-no clock can’t wear at school!


Rixos hotel- if you go to the web to search them they default asking you to load the app!

Twitter joins copromote!
reat news, CoPromoters,
Twitter has joined CoPromote!
@TwitterSmallBiz is the social network's channel for "tips, best practices and case studies to help your small biz succeed on Twitter."
CoPromote is home to over 350,000 small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators sharing thousands of posts and reaching millions of people on Twitter every day.
To celebrate our partnership, @TwitterSmallBiz is offering a special deal in their first promotion on CoPromote: $50 worth of Twitter Ads – free! Watch for their promotions in your pending requests, and share this great offer with your followers.
We are very excited by this opportunity, and look forward to much success with the @TwitterSmallBiz team.
CoPromote (formerly
Community Support


Mute button launched on twitter

This is cool! NewMap
News Map organizes and displays news stories from around the world. News Map uses Google News to source the stories displayed in the grid so the content is frequently updated. The stories are displayed in a color coded grid reflective of how popular or important a story is at any given time. You can select the country or countries from which you would like to see the news. You may also select which type of news stories, (world news, national news, sports, etc) you want to see displayed. By selecting multiple countries you can discover patterns in the news across the world.

DropBox being proactive!

Hi James,

We’ve provided details on our blog about a web vulnerability that affects shared links to documents containing hyperlinks. This issue isn’t exclusive to Dropbox, and we haven’t seen any exploitation of the vulnerability. However, as a precautionary measure, we’ve disabled shared links that were created before May 5 to file types (such as PDF or Word docs) that might contain a hyperlink.

If your files don’t contain sensitive info, or if you’re less concerned about the vulnerability, it’s now possible for you to re-enable all your disabled links. You can do so at

Please keep in mind that re-enabling these links won’t resolve the vulnerability for them. If you don’t want to re-enable all your links at once, you can create new links by following these instructions.

Over the coming days, our team will continue working to re-enable shared links that aren’t susceptible to the vulnerability.

We take security very seriously, so we appreciate your patience while we make sure your files are safe.

- The Dropbox Team

Samsung Shakeup

Samsung Electronics has replaced its head of mobile design just weeks after the launch of its latest flagship Galaxy S5 phone, which was praised in online reviews for its features but criticised for its design.
The South Korean company, however, called the move a routine reshuffle, and denied any link to the criticism. Chang Dong-hoon will retain a broader role overseeing design across the company, while Lee Min-hyouk – at 42, one of the youngest figures in Samsung’s senior ranks – has been promoted to head of the company’s mobile communications design team.

Talking smart money

Internet on the move

IPhone Rumours

Rumors of the 5.5-inch-class "iPhone 6" -- or whatever Apple would choose to call it -- are getting more intriguing by the week.
A widely cited report from Taiwan's United Daily News/Economic Daily on Friday said that out of the 80 million iPhone 6 units that the supply chain of component manufacturers expects Apple to sell this year, more than 90 percent of the shipments will be for the 4.7-inch model. (That part of the original Chinese-language story was not widely reported.)
That leaves a small percentage, possibly less than 10 percent, for the 5.5-inch phablet-size device.
If accurate, why such relatively small numbers?
One of the most often cited reasons is the high cost and/or lack of availability of sapphire as a display cover material. That coveted material has been used very sparingly -- as a cover for the fingerprint scanner, for example -- in the iPhone 5S.
One of the sources for this speculation was an April research note from KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, who said that, because of supply constraints, only high-end iPhones, like the priciest versions of the 5.5-incher, may include a sapphire screen.
KGI also expects the 5.5-inch phone to see shipments come in below 10 million units in 2014.

Memory expansions for iPhones/iPads

Gmail redesign

Wordpress in #s

You write about stuff you care about.

Since we’re on the topic of books . . . you published 29,554 posts about books, 16,315 on fiction, 1,077 on nonfiction, and 53,194 on writing.
Looking closer at some hot topics of the month:
august 2013 popular topics
6,311 posts were about Egypt.
13,667 were about Syria.
18,127 were about religion.
27,712 were about summer.
8,449 mentioned US President Barack Obama.
4,986 mentioned singer Miley Cyrus.
1,213 were about fantasy football.

You’re part of an engaged publishing community.

In August, you created 1,083,238 new blogs, for an average of 34,943 blogs a day. Tuesday, August 27, was the most popular day to start a new blog.
You wrote 38,002,002 posts, which racked up a lot of pageviews:
August 2013 pageviews
You invited 293,741 users, both existing and new WordPressers, to join your sites. (Thinking about collaborative blogging? Here’s a quick guide to setting up a group blog.)
You added 76,907,314 categories, for an average of 2,480,881 categories per day. (You’re quite an organized bunch, aren’t you?)
You subscribed to 3,388,973 blogs, left 62,318,624 comments on each other’s blogs, and liked 7,228,491 posts. (There’s lots of love in the air, clearly.)

What we are learning by following shoppers via mobile devices.

 Most mobile shoppers are spending more time in stores but not as many are going back.
The percentage of shoppers who go into a store and leave relatively quickly is also on the rise, according to a new mobile tracking study.

Based on measuring tens of millions of shopping trips by tracking the movement of smartphones at malls and stores, Euclid found that shoppers in April spent on average 25 minutes in a store.

This is measured by the time a shopper goes into a store until they leave. For the same period last year, shoppers spent 23 minutes.
The somewhat good news for retailers is that some (13%) of shoppers came back to the store more than once during April. The somewhat bad news is that the number is 2% lower than a year ago.

The new must have education!

Reading and tech not so good!

Tablets and eReading devices have ushered in significant changes in the world of traditional literacy, and now a new research brief from Common Sense Media paints an updated picture of just how much reading rates have dropped sharply among adolescents – and differ between girls and boys.
Among the key findings in Children, Teens, and Reading, which combines different government, academic, and nonprofit data sets, is that the proportion of children who are daily readers drops markedly from childhood to the tween and teenage years.
One study documents a drop from 48% of six- to eight-year-olds down to 24% of 15- to 17-year-olds who are daily readers; another shows a drop from 53% of nine-year-olds to 19% of 17-year-olds.
According to US government studies, since 1984, the percentage of 13-year-olds who are weekly readers went down from 70% to 53%, and the percentage of 17-year-olds who are weekly readers went from 64% to 40%. Moreover, the percentage of 17-year-olds who never or hardly ever read tripled during this period, from 9% to 27%.

Excess phones

Cool toys, I want one of these!

Kick starter of the week