Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TechTalk April 14

Andrew Thomas is in the house from www.digitalnexa.com and we are talking tech.

Here is the podcast.

And the show notes.

Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa www.digitalnexa.com

Part 1
Ellen’s Selfie worth 1 billion?

-apps and Microsoft AHHHH

Amazing app for jetlag sufferers, needed this last week!


Amazons first handset featuring 3D

Will you buy an Amazon phone?

new twitter look

Shift in youth use of social networks for apps

app start up moving on

Radio isn’t dead yet!

Part 3
The future is today and it is amazing what we can do with stuff that already exists!

You said it and here it is again! The future of marketing looks like SnapChat!
One of the more interesting social campaigns honored at this week’s Shorty Awards was the one promoting Wet Seal on Snapchat–a campaign for which the brand’s agency ICED Media lent the “keys” to its account to a 16-year-old fashion vlogger.
Like many of our readers, we’ve only begun to dip our toes into the Snapchat pool (by drawing various hairstyles on our puppy). We’re still not sure what to make of the network as a promotional tool, yet Wet Seal’s campaign earned the brand more than 9,000 new followers.
Many top agency leaders will tell you that Snapchat and networks like it represent the future of creative content marketing.
Who is trusting which content?

How Mobile are social networks!

Women still not in the tech game as much as they could be!

Oh man I want one of these

Do you want to be a glasshole? Now’s your chance.

Google focusing on wearables.

A Microsoft story of a screen saver image COOL!

Ads and Twitter, ahhhh

How to make libraries relevant!

the video

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