Friday, April 04, 2014

Making Ends Meet Call-in April 2

The question was simple, how are you making ends meet?

The answers were very interesting and there are several people who are doing their part to create new income streams, wow!

Here is a look a the SMS responses.

  • I had been debt for 3 yrs. And a year bk I took control of my life. Objective was to of course get out debt. Googled snowball effect (stumbled upon) actually. Following it. Took up network marketing and now I'm making one third of my salary putting in 4hrs a day. And ps I'm a 120perc achiever every qtr for last 10yrs in the largest it co in the world and the raise last 2 yrs was 1. 6 perc. 
  • I always focus on increasing income rather than decreasing expenses so as I've a vehicle service shop and I've increased my income by adding a night service, which includes door to door vehicle collecting and delivering service. Through that I've saved peoples time, saved by employing part time employeesand so many advantages. There are always ways to cop up with the flow. Just think and try.  
  • First I am sending my kids back to Canada to save the school expenses 
  • Then am going to leave my villa and move to a studio 
  • At last I will sell my 4x4 car and buy a small one
  • Thanks for Credit card 😉
  • I found my way through working as part time instructor in addition to being financial controller. It is very difficult specially when you have a family
  •  Hi, I think to be able to meet ends is simple. Have a mind set change. This year I made up my mind to only use cash for my purchases. Nd with absolutelyno cash, I managed to meet ends with my positivity nd I always found a solution to meet ends. its all about ur planning strategy. Hope this helps. 
  • Hi James, Take the risk and move from a regular salary to a  higher commission based salary and be happy. 
  • In order to cop up with financial crisis, me and my wife started exploring venues of opportunities within our industries.. Wife I. Teaching started giving private teaching classes at home and I being in mortgage started expanding my real estate Netwrok for more business. 
  • I give up trying to make ends meet in dubai with two kids and nursery fees that cost more than my FOUR years at ryerson university!! Moving back to toronto to reap the benefits of public schooling and healthcare :)
  • Loved what Victor said. When a bank calls you and says could you recommend three friends and if they take the credit card we will pay you aed 150 per person. That's network marketing in the flesh. Done by: adcb, hsbc, barclays etc. (y)
  • Make a thorough budget, that evolves with your goals and stick to it.
  • ] I use only cash, I don't keep any payment due pending. %0A
  • I also found this wonderfull app called YNAB. it helps to budget without making your life miserable. kc
  • Secret, do charity as much as you can and keep increasing it, I do charity as first task after receiving my salary, then I live what I have in my pocketonly, 
  • Crédit cards are convenient they should be seen as evil. But set the payment to 100% hence up to 55 days of credit and no interest. 
  • also another major tip is, expand your legs only as much as big your blanket is. 
  • Left my job and working freelance and trying to develop some business. Its tough. I earn half what I earned while employed. But thats almost 100% improvement from last year. kc
  •  Prioritize needs over wants.

And here is the podcast!

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