Friday, April 04, 2014

GetGitRadio April 1

Marcus Smith is in the house and here we are once again talking about your health and fitness!

The Show.

1. crossfit open

2. webcam workouts? Thoughts?

3. do my shoes really matter, I know you have talked about this but can you revisit?

4. I see guys in the gym with gloves, do we need?

5. How do I know how much I should bench press

6. james in the 80s do you remember the health hussle in Ontario schools
7. worst fitness advice you have heard?

8. why post your workout Marcus?

Dear Marcus and the Innerfight team. Love the podcasts and instagrams that you guys put up. I would like your advice/thoughts on in competition nutrition/refuelling. For example during regionals when you've got three intense wods how do yoy refuel and look after your body in between work outs. Look forward to hearing your advice. Keep working hard looking forward to seeing you all compete at regionals. Regards Paul.

-        How much better a rugby player would you have been if you had trained/eaten in the same way as you do now from a younger age?
-        What are good progression exercises to get the muscle up?

-        Do beards make you stronger?

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