Monday, April 28, 2014

GetFitRadio April 27

Marcus Smith of joins me to talk fitness and healthy eating.  This week we have a lot to cover and a visit to Holly for some healthy cooking tips.

Marcus Smith

Show goes out Sunday at 10pm!

Live from Engine gym the home of innerfight.
04 425 9308

1. Healthy Cooking With Holly, what is on this week?

2. How is the Crossfit training going?

3. reading a lot about the ultimate workout BUT they are all different. Is there an ultimate workout? Bo Derek is the DVD I am buy

4. People are saying DO NOT DO THIS thoughts? If you google 'crossfit kettlebell swing,' 'overhead kettlebell swing,' or 'american kettlebell swing,' what you'll find is that most people making one (or more) of the three and a half terrible mistakes.
The Three and a Half Terrible Mistakes of the Overhead Swing:
1.) Hips don't extend all of the way
2.) Knees don't extend
3.) Low back arches
3.5) Head jutts forward

5. Suggestions to get past a workout plateau?

6. Phelps must listen to us and is BACK!

7. Training and calluses any solutions?

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