Monday, April 21, 2014

GetFitRadio April 20

Marcus Smith from joins me to talk your fitness.

This week we have a new segment, healthy cooking with Holly, very cool.

Go to for all the details of the show but give it a listen and share.

Here are the show notes and a few things we didn't get to!

Many shows ago you asked about what apps people use, a shout out should be given to 'my fitness pal' if it was not mentioned already. Its an app to track you food, and a cool feature is if your in the shop and tempted by the tim tams, you can scan the bar code and get all the nutritional facts. You can keep track through the day of you fat, protein and carbs etc.. I have been using it for 6 weeks, the only down side is the looks i get when i instantly log my food into it. Brett Taylor
1. lunchtime workouts, what about the drop of energy because of substituting action for energy?

2. speed walking or jogging is the walking just as good.

3. when we are talking situps or other repetitive exercises is there any golden rule for # of reps?

4. See james wearing an innerfight sweat visor, do you design your own stuff?

5. BMI do we need to log this?

6. weeks ago you spoke about essential travel exercise gear can you refresh us?

7. single leg vs split squats?

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