Thursday, April 10, 2014

Customer Service, April 9

The big question is customer service getting better or worse?

Here is what the SMS said on Nightline.

Virgin megastore, broke a pair of very expensive headphones in 1 week, straight away renewed one, didn't even try to repair it

Dubai metro is young, the customer service is welcoming and the staff is generous. Way to go!!! Long live Dubai and United Arab Emirates. Na'im

a petrol station group has got a New system that slows everything down. its called VIP

 They lose AED 1 million per day. They buy fuel at market prices. The UAE exports oil but doesn't have the refineries to turn it into petrol. I do think that they should have a different q for ppl who need receipts.

Ever tried Etisalat customer service? You'd think they have been trained to annoy. Ask the customer service of the telecom company to get back with a resolution, they'll come back with we don't have access to call or email. Can u imagine? Also they never stop sending you messages with bogus promotions! Ask to speak to a supervisor after hours on the phone and you get disconnected every time during the transfer of the call guaranteed! - robin

We have  a consumer protection department in DED. You can always complain and they will take care of it.

In Europe the fuel pump hoses will reach either side so why not here? Grandpacars

adnoc you can fill both sides Simon

when i ask to see the manager because of poor service i tell the manager off for not training the staff properly

Anyone remember how the papers mentioned that we can complain to consumer rights if we are fleeced by school transport providers? I send them an email and they responded saying this is not our job. I send back the mail with the paper clipping and they said we'll look into it and no news after that. So much for consumer rights protection.

Hsbc customer service is horrible. . The funny thing my issue with them startedfrom an initiative called"know your customer"!!!

 We shouldn't mistake between customer service and service. Sometime some people ask to "serve " them. Cholpon.

Works at Adnoc..Abu dhabi..but not in dubai..fueling on both sides... Also have always received excellent customer service at Al Futtaim Honda ...Ayaz

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