Tuesday, April 15, 2014

CarTalk April 14

The boy from, yes boy just one guy this week, was in the house from www.motoringme.com and we had a good old talk about cars!

The basics.

-drift UAE
-In what appears to be an embarassing moment for Porsche, its new Macan got stuck during a press event in Morocco. And it was rescued by, well, a humble Dacia (or the Renault as we know it here) Duster. Anyway, shouldn't be a real-world problem, as we doubt real owners would even venture onto the beach with it. Plus one for the Duster  Via https://twitter.com/greenofrichmond
-Lexus NX200
-Cedric we need some more!
-On our way to #Ascari! #mclaren #650s

The podcast.

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