Saturday, April 26, 2014

Break the rules of the road? April 20

Is it ever ok to break the rules of the road?


Here is some of what Dubai said.

On life threatening cases. Yosefonly reason to break traffic rules is being irresposible, careless, uncivilized...mohmd Road is a Road be it any day.       John

Sometimes i brake the roles like this message :) .. But i think that we should learn driving roles before learn how to drive. Bisher

Yes James ! If you are rich , have wasta why not?

Ok I came past gharood. Talking about time to break rules. There ware two cars smashed. One almost looks like crushed metal. Interestingly one car stoped 10 meters from the accident a lady standingnout from sunroof and recording. A group of young kids walking about the road as if they are citizen police. Not much action but showing off its ok to break the rules and walk about the bridge. Why ppl think that during an emergancy its ok to break the rules. KC

hen I stick to the Speed limits, even in the Slowest Lane on SZR, other cars flash me and honk at me.

If i do not push in a line, every one else does, so what is the point of keeping to the rules?Rdgs Sunil.

Btw, slowing down (without stoping cokpletely) at a stop sign is called california stop (or something like that). I think thats the more practicle. Rather than stop-Push to lo gear and start over again.
This whole society needs to be educated!! Just have been taken over from the right again in szroad.. Salua

What about lane discipline from drivers hogging the overtaking lanes

Here is the podcast.

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