Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 13 Tipping

We had a great conversation on Nightline about tipping.

And this was a great call!

And here is what the people in radio land SMS had to say.

Some  questions don't have certain answers.
Tipping is also subject to customs, traditions and practices. 
I listen to my heart without storming my brain.
I tip or don't tip as per my wish.

It is very nice to tip 

What abt "free" valet parking when u get a stamp from one of the outlets at a hotel - pawan

We do give tip to Dubai Eye when we send Messages through SMS and we don't when we do through App. Naveen

How about an office boy who serve nice tea or coffee to visitors at offices. Some guest give them tips other not. Naveen

Heres a question, has anyone refused a tip. Happened once in bangalore. Varun

Tipping is an Etiquette basically! In many countries its the economical situation often that makes tipping predominant across the country thus on the long term becomes a cultural habit people get used to it and in some countries it gets abusive also..
Samer Slim

You just can't follow the theory of everyone giving a service should be tipped.. A night out at a hotel has the valet, the guy who opens the hotel door, the guy who opens the velvet rope so u get into the club, the bartender, the guy who pulls out tissues and hands it over to u in the washroom, and ofcourse the guy holding the passenger door when u collect ur car and waits for "2" seconds before closing it.. Phew

Speaking of refusing tips, some Asian countries, specifically Japan, don't really believe in the idea of tipping, specifically in restaurants, because they feel it's their duty to serve you.

As always a lot of fun to have a conversation!

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