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Monday, April 28, 2014

TechTalk for April 28th!

Andrew Thomas joins me from Digitalnexa.com and also Oscar from Gadgetrain.com is in the house. We chat tech.

And here are the notes!

Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa www.digitalnexa.com

For the coffee fanatic!

a new keyboard

Review of google chrome

remote control cooking!

Conference of all conferences for tech geeks the Summit!

A play that shows us how much info about us is available!

Disney pushes further into preschool mobile space, tech is good and bad!

Microsoft owns Nokia!

Microsoft has completed its purchase of Nokia's mobile phone business for 5.44bn euros ($7.5bn; £4.5bn).
The deal between the two firms should have been completed earlier this year but it was delayed by a hold-up in regulatory approvals.
The sale will see the end of production of mobile phones by Nokia.
"Today we welcome the Nokia devices and services business to our family," said Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella.
"The mobile capabilities and assets they bring will advance our transformation."
The Finnish company will now focus on networks, mapping services and technology development and licences.

Another look at the US and how they spend their time MEDIA is it!
-tv is down
-mobile is up

3D printing for basic house?
Pinterest adds a search tool upping the game!

Remeber the Commodore Amiga?
And imagine the format no longer exists!
Magnetic imaging tools were used to copy data on the disks so no damage was done to the original floppies. Examination of the copied data revealed several files that had titles such as "campbells.pic", "flower.pic" and "marilyn1.pic" that were reminiscent of Warhol's best-known works.
The recovery project was initially thwarted from viewing the actual images as the data was saved in an obscure format that modern Amiga emulators could not read.


Lowtech food delivery!

Parents need to lead the way and get off their mobile devices if they expect their kids to get off them!

Amazon stocks down!
Amazon (AMZN.O) was the S&P 500's worst performer, down 9.9 percent to $303.83, and other high-flying sectors dropped along with it

And Now Amazon is using a courier!

They found the Atari ET games!

It looks like the legend might be true after all. Microsoft has uncovered intact copies of E.T.for the Atari 2600 at a New Mexico landfill, supporting claims that Atari buried legions of unsold cartridges in the desert after the movie-themed game proved to be a massive failure. With that said, it's not yet clear that this is the treasure trove that Microsoft was hoping to find for its first Xbox-only documentary. The excavation team has only found a few E.T. units as of this writing, and they have company -- there's a shrink-wrapped copy of Centipede in the mix, for one thing. If the team does find many more examples of the extra-terrestrial flop, though, it could finally put a 32-year-old mystery to rest.

GetFitRadio April 27

Marcus Smith of Innerfight.com joins me to talk fitness and healthy eating.  This week we have a lot to cover and a visit to Holly for some healthy cooking tips.

Marcus Smith Innerfight.com

Show goes out Sunday at 10pm!

Live from Engine gym the home of innerfight.
04 425 9308

1. Healthy Cooking With Holly, what is on this week?

2. How is the Crossfit training going?

3. reading a lot about the ultimate workout BUT they are all different. Is there an ultimate workout? Bo Derek is the DVD I am buy

4. People are saying DO NOT DO THIS thoughts? If you google 'crossfit kettlebell swing,' 'overhead kettlebell swing,' or 'american kettlebell swing,' what you'll find is that most people making one (or more) of the three and a half terrible mistakes.
The Three and a Half Terrible Mistakes of the Overhead Swing:
1.) Hips don't extend all of the way
2.) Knees don't extend
3.) Low back arches
3.5) Head jutts forward

5. Suggestions to get past a workout plateau?

6. Phelps must listen to us and is BACK!

7. Training and calluses any solutions?

Drones or no drones April 27 Call-in

The question we had on Nightline was do we need regulations when it comes to drones for recreational use?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

The JukeBox April 23

And here it is the Triplew.me Middle east Indie Music jukebox and this is a fantastic show!

This week: Ahmed Ali, Craig Perry Band, Ala Ghawas, Toofless and Fathy Salama

Break the rules of the road? April 20

Is it ever ok to break the rules of the road?


Here is some of what Dubai said.

On life threatening cases. Yosefonly reason to break traffic rules is being irresposible, careless, uncivilized...mohmd Road is a Road be it any day.       John

Sometimes i brake the roles like this message :) .. But i think that we should learn driving roles before learn how to drive. Bisher

Yes James ! If you are rich , have wasta why not?

Ok I came past gharood. Talking about time to break rules. There ware two cars smashed. One almost looks like crushed metal. Interestingly one car stoped 10 meters from the accident a lady standingnout from sunroof and recording. A group of young kids walking about the road as if they are citizen police. Not much action but showing off its ok to break the rules and walk about the bridge. Why ppl think that during an emergancy its ok to break the rules. KC

hen I stick to the Speed limits, even in the Slowest Lane on SZR, other cars flash me and honk at me.

If i do not push in a line, every one else does, so what is the point of keeping to the rules?Rdgs Sunil.

Btw, slowing down (without stoping cokpletely) at a stop sign is called california stop (or something like that). I think thats the more practicle. Rather than stop-Push to lo gear and start over again.
This whole society needs to be educated!! Just have been taken over from the right again in szroad.. Salua

What about lane discipline from drivers hogging the overtaking lanes

Here is the podcast.

Nightplanner Radio April 22

Stephanie Kaur of DubaiNightplanner.com joins me in the studio to help plan your week!

And here are the show notes, visit the www.dubainightplanner.com website for more!

Where I checked out last week:

myabi behind sheriton
maple leaf resaurant

The Terrace- Media Rotana
UBK- Jlt Movenpick
VIP room
Blue Marlin

Top 5 things this week!

Straight from the source

Yas Waterworld flow club 3hrs

Where Im checking out next week

Marco Pierre White Grill- Conrad hotel
Mahiki Ladies night
Merletto, North Italian Restaurant Launch- Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf (going to see if I can get an invite to this!)

GetFitRadio April 20

Here it is your dose of getfitradio with Marcus Smith of Innerfight.com!

All you need to know about fitness but were afraid to ask straight from Marcus!

TechTalk Monday April 21

Andrew Thomas of www.digitalnexa.com and I had a great chat about the latest and greates technology out here.

And here are the show notes!
Apps for ads

GPS navigation app, can be used offline, great price

Review HTC One M8
-this is plain and simple a great phone.
-focus images already taken with ufoduc
-htc sense is fun
-4.4.2 kitKat (awesome)
-dual front facing speakers!
-5inch full HD screen
-dual 4mp and single 5mp cameras
-love the selfie feature (has a timer)
-can put yourself in images front and back simultaniously
-2.5Ghz processor FASSSSST
-nice headphones come with it


This looks cool

free books for samsung owners, this is big, swipe at ibooks

ouch, thats a lot of wedge for couch surfing

your image is as important as your companys image

smart watches and home automation

fuelband panic over but that garmin is looking very attractive

dropbox on the offensive, google in its sites

How much of us is online?

Nike to get out of fitness hardware?

Just days after Nike announced the launch of its Fuel Lab location in San Francisco to enhance partnerships with other digital services for athletes, there's a report that it's fired much of the team behind its FuelBand wristwear. CNET reports that, according to a person familiar with the matter, as many as 55 people from its 70-member hardware team are being laid off, and plans for another version of the FuelBand to follow the SE have been shelved. All of this comes just as the wearables market is heating up, with products already arriving from Samsung, LG, Motorola, Pebble and more, while activity tracking integrated with phones is also becoming more popular. At the same time, not all of Nike's tech initiatives have worked out, and Nike+ has largely disappeared from its shoes in the last year.

Go Google!

we have a date for the google phoneblok phone

Instagram and simplicity of video is a star check Starbucks

Part 4

Rear Camera technology goes mainstream!

Booktracks, now this is cool and educational, so the site says!

Monday, April 21, 2014

GetFitRadio April 20

Marcus Smith from Innerfight.com joins me to talk your fitness.

This week we have a new segment, healthy cooking with Holly, very cool.

Go to www.innerfight.com for all the details of the show but give it a listen and share.

Here are the show notes and a few things we didn't get to!

Many shows ago you asked about what apps people use, a shout out should be given to 'my fitness pal' if it was not mentioned already. Its an app to track you food, and a cool feature is if your in the shop and tempted by the tim tams, you can scan the bar code and get all the nutritional facts. You can keep track through the day of you fat, protein and carbs etc.. I have been using it for 6 weeks, the only down side is the looks i get when i instantly log my food into it. Brett Taylor
1. lunchtime workouts, what about the drop of energy because of substituting action for energy?

2. speed walking or jogging is the walking just as good.

3. when we are talking situps or other repetitive exercises is there any golden rule for # of reps?

4. See james wearing an innerfight sweat visor, do you design your own stuff?

5. BMI do we need to log this?

6. weeks ago you spoke about essential travel exercise gear can you refresh us?

7. single leg vs split squats?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Jukebox April 16

Paul Kelly from Triplew.me joined me, as he does and we played some great indie music!

This week we have 6 bands.

Gypsy: @AlexandreValls
Eye: @EYExperiment 
Jay Wud: @JayWud
Two Wooden Stones: @TwoWoodenStones
Funny Death: @funnydeathmusic

And here is the podcast.