Thursday, March 20, 2014

The JukeBox March 19

Paul Kelly from joins me as we spin some great independent music from the Middle East.

This week.

talk back # 04 425 9308

Lazy Lung
-Dirty Word

Go Save The Hostages
-I have Wondered

Fables of Cantt

Julianna Down
-Love Tomorrow



T: @LazzyLung
F: /LazzyLung

T: @NaserMestarihi
F: /NaserMestarihi

T: @julianadown‎
F: /julianadown

T: @FablesofCantt‎
F: /fablesofcantt‎

F: /GoSaveTheHostages
@savethehostages on Twitter.

T: @Hirabeat
F: /Hirabeat‎ ‎

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