Friday, March 28, 2014

The DubaiEye Jukebox with

OK this is the best time of the week to really crank the radio and get into some fantastic middle east independent music.

Here is whop we listened to this week.

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- end of flux

Samad is a Filipino rock band with elements of punk, hardcore and metal added in their music. They are currently based in Qatar.
Rikki Morillo and Red Dilan played their first gig in Doha, Qatar on a labour camp during the summer of 2008. Dilan formed Mournful Lhabia circa January 2009 while Morillo left to join another band. The two re-joined to compete in Ramada-Qube’s "Clash: Battle of the Bands” during November 2009 where both played the guitars together with ex – Strobe / Tsunami member: Mike Bermudez on drums, ex – Po...See more

David beats Goliath

David Beats Goliath
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The folk rock band was formed in 2011 by Driscoll (who plays rhythm guitar and piano), Daniel Tovey (lead and rhythm guitars, vocals) and Jonathan Coulles (percussion, acoustic guitar, vocals) in Birmingham, UK. Their Filipino bassist Lakshmi Ramirez joined the group this year after Driscoll saw him at a gig in Dubai in February.

Bullet Proof

Mc/Singer/Song Writer/Co-Producer Based in Jeddah Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Moh Flow Started Off In 2005 Rhymin' after he watched his older brother (AY) for Many years, Getting Most of his insight on Rap/Hip-Hop Music.And Since Then He's Been Mastering his Mc Skills to rise And Take His Place Among The Greats! His First Mixtape "Nothing Personal" Was Dropped In 2010.Since Then Moh Flow Collaborated With The Run junction Crew And They Released Their " J City Chronicles Vol.1 ". in March 23rd 2012 he Released his mixtape "Peace Love & Music". November 24th 2012 he released his mixtape "Born Ready". A Mixtape with Ayzee is in the final stages! to be released early 2013.

Kamal Musallam
-out of my city

Charlie al Maamaeri
-Funny Whisper


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