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TechTalk March 17

Andrew Thomas from joins me to take a good long and hard look at the issues and hardware in our technology toolbox. This is techTalk.

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And the show notes!

Just starting to try this, lots of these out there this is an easy one!

Timely study, which social networks promote the greatest brand dependence! SXSW!

Is this you Andrew?
There are good reasons, according to sleep experts, to buy an actual alarm clock and politely park your phone at the door.
The first is what they call hypervigilance, and this is particularly applicable if you don't turn your phone off while you sleep.
Hypervigilance refers to the experience of being constantly tense and on guard. Somewhere in the back of your brain, you're expecting a call and this may make you less prone to relaxation.
Sleep expert Dr Neil Stanley says: "In order to get a good night's sleep, you have to feel safe and not worried about anything. By having your phone close by at night, you're subconsciously saying you wish to attend to that phone. The brain will monitor the situation and your sleep will be lighter and more likely to be disturbed."

This is a cool idea/platform/tool for mobile blogging/live blogging

A couple of students also complaining about the samsung Upgrade for Note2!

And now SAMSUNG is touting the wearable connection of its product.

Want an even closer look at the upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone and Gear wearables? Samsung posted detailed hands-on videos of each device, highlighting some new features that haven’t received much attention yet.

Technology and our youth are we creating new prospectors?
Ryan is now 17, a senior at Boulder High. He is among the many entrepreneurially minded, technologically skilled teenagers who are striving to do serious business. Their work is enabled by low-cost or free tools to make apps or to design games, and they are encouraged by tech companies and grown-ups in the field who urge them, sometimes with financial support, to accelerate their transition into “the real world.” This surge in youthful innovation and entrepreneurship looks “unprecedented,” said Gary Becker, a University of Chicago economist and a Nobel laureate.
Dr. Becker is assessing this subject from a particularly intimate vantage point. His grandson, Louis Harboe, 18, is a friend of Ryan’s, a technological teenager who makes Ryan look like a late bloomer. Louis, pronounced Louie, got his first freelance gig at the age of 12, designing the interface for an iPhone game. At 16, Louis, who lives with his parents in Chicago, took a summer design internship at Square, an online and mobile payment company in San Francisco, earning $1,000 a week plus a $1,000 housing stipend.

And this is also why the crazy music in those games we play sucks us in!
what is music? There’s no end to the parade of philosophers who have wondered about this, but most of us feel confident saying: ‘I know it when I hear it.’ Still, judgments of musicality are notoriously malleable. That new club tune, obnoxious at first, might become toe-tappingly likeable after a few hearings. Put the most music-apathetic individual in a household where someone is rehearsing for a contemporary music recital and they will leave whistling Ligeti. The simple act of repetition can serve as a quasi-magical agent of musicalisation. Instead of asking: ‘What is music?’ we might have an easier time asking: ‘What do we hear as music?’ And a remarkably large part of the answer appears to be: ‘I know it when I hear it again.’

Are we on this?

Last month, I wrote about the announcement of the $25 Firefox OS smartphone, aimed at developing world users who have never owned a smartphone and can't afford a high-end mobile device. An editorial by Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry describes how such a device could find an audience of billions, and spur a new ecosystem of developing world developers who make software that's geared not just to the Firefox OS platform, but also to the unique needs of people in the developing world.

OK what am I missing why are there not more of these out there and one in every students hand?

Millenials and peer content! Time to make a festival of 60 second peer content, what I learned in school this week! 52 weeks of content ready?

More Kiscstarter!

This is cool really there is more than MP3 out there

Web Native TV is it ready?

Global tablet shipments WAY UP

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