Friday, March 28, 2014

Cartalk March 24

The boys from join me, as always and they have a lot to talk about. Fraser was on a review roll, but no clue about the radio in any of the vehicles. HOWWWWW!


The notes.

Calling during the 1st 15min to talk about the campaign.
Drivers  and Passengers taking the pledge will commit themselves  to the following 4 points;
√ YES – Seat belts – by EVERYBODY in your car!
√ YES – Indicators - every time you change lanes!
ΓΈ NO – Speeding!
ΓΈ NO – Mobile Phone: not without proper hands-free equipment!

341 so far!

-2015 Escalade what do you think? Ugly!

-would you buy a car from a rental car fleet?

-the new Ferrari California

-I have Infiniti Q60 Hybrid sneak preview and a few days in a Land Rover LR2 4 cylinder.

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