Monday, January 06, 2014

TechTalk January 6th

Andrew Thomas and I talk tech on Nightline.

Here are the show notes.

1. APP of the day?
Cycloramic for iPhone5 free!
Android $1.99 but not like the iPhone

2. Can one live with a Chromebook? YES
-was using the Samsung 303c12-A01, like really!
-11.5 LED HD Display -NOT A MAC
-2GB memory
-16BG onboard
-Exymos 5250 cpu 1.7GHZ
-all the basic connections

-if you are using a wireless dongle/usb for on the road there is no question this works!

If you are using app based products or adobe products no problem.

4. Social Media and The Personal Commentary is the the next GEN of citizen journalism (need a new name)

The Blurb, cool really!
Fancy making your own social media commentary during the big game? Yahoo Sportsfor iOS now lets you capture those monster dunks in animated GIF form. The company has officially labeled the creations Loops, and users can add their own commentary as captions on top of the moving picture. As you might expect, files can then be shared via Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. Not to be left out, the app was revamped for iOS 7 with speedier performance in its sneakers. For a look at some samples, click over to the source link and take a peek.

5. How to decide what blog works best for you?

-here is a nice chart on academic blogs or blogs sites for the classroom.

6. Blogger uses picasa for photos, not so easy to get those photos offline, even if you delete the blog the images live in Picasa in an album and need to be deleted! 60 days to be gone permanently if you delete them and delete the trash! How many people have made a blogger blog and forgotten about it and then there are the images!

7. the gift I didn’t get.

Made by Uncharted Play, the erstwhile regular-looking jump rope can convert kinetic energy into usable power for gadgets and small appliances. Whether you're doing 15-minute jump rope workouts, playing skipping rope games with your kids, or doing fancy rope tricks for your own amusement, all that work you're doing doesn't just result in loads of sweat and caloric burn -- it can replenish your batteries with small trickles, too.

Radio show

300 sharks on Twitter

This is cool I had one of these in High School

Disney and the wristbands.
-noty nfc so does that open up security issues


is free cloud on the way out?

Can we live phone based? It would seem not.

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