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TechTalk Jan 27th

As expected Andrew and I talk about some of the most interesting and obscure issues in the world of tech, often in the same sentence.

This is your best connection to tech news and review on the radio in the Middle East.

Here they are the show notes for the week!

Andrew Thomas MD @ Nexa

App of the week - been using it a few weeks now.  The new social platform???

Room filler! Just an incredible speaker. Clever tweaking

Now that's fast!

Want!! Fantastic way to document your life.

Proof it's better to pick up a book and put down your smartphone before bed.

Gonna get my hands on the nokia 1020 this week. :)

Apple getting involved in the mobile payment game. Wallets will become a thing of the past.
The Wall Street Journal claims that the company is in the early stages of building a mobile payment infrastructure that would let its customers buy all kinds of products and services, not just those in its own stores. Sources say that Cupertino has tasked the former head of its online store with getting the service off the ground, and it's reportedly discussing the idea with other companies in the tech industry. Apple isn't commenting on the rumor, but it has been researching mobile payments for years -- we know it's at least intrigued by the concept.

We can't have a week without talking about google :)
This is TOO cool!

Technology giant Google has patented a way of linking online ads to free or discounted taxi rides to the advertising restaurant, shop or entertainment venue.
The transport-linked ad service could encourage consumers to respond more often to location-based special offers, experts say.
Algorithms would work out the customer's location, the best route and form of transport, Google says.
Analysts have welcomed the idea.
Gregory Roekens, chief technology officer at advertising company AMV BBDO, told the BBC: "This is trying to turn advertising into a utility and remove barriers for consumers. It's a really interesting idea."

This is cool students and cyber kindness!
The video was awarded 1st Place PSA in the 2013 No Bull Teen Video Awards. The team of teenagers behind the brilliant concept and execution includes 16-year old Ali Fullerton who wrote and performs the original song, executive producer, Hayley Grimshaw, director, Sahar Afrakhan, crew members Chris Grimshaw and Ross Hubbard and adult advisor, Sandra Grimshaw. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!!!

PURE Jongo T2  (115 pounds) 799dhs SharafDG

Connecting the T2 to your router is as simple as holding down the power button, joining its temporary wireless network and then configuring it to connect to your own network. Unlike Sonos, which uses its own proprietary mesh wireless system, you're limited to the areas of your house with wireless coverage. Once synchronised, you must open Pure Connect on an Android or iOS device to stream music. You can add extra Jongo units with a tap of the Wi-Fi button – it will recognise your initial unit and set itself up accordingly.

Not an App but APP news!
Asia was the largest downloader of apps last year, showing a 162pc increase in the number of apps downloaded, largely thanks to the Google Play app store, a new report suggests.


Twitter and images.
Tweets that include links to photos, along with image preview images that appear in a user's Twitter feed, draw 150% more engagement than the average for brands, according to a new study by social media analytics firm Simply Measured.
The report analyzed Twitter activity among the Interbrand 100 companies, as well as the Forbes 100 Best Small Companies in America during the fourth quarter. For the Interbrand 100, tweets with links to -- Twitter’s own image service -- had an average of 210 engagements (mainly retweets or “favorites”).

Paypal is big money maker!
eBay was able to increase its sales in the fourth quarter of 2013 by 13 percent to 4.5 billion U.S. dollars. Again, Paypal was the primary factor driving this growth with sales of 1.9 billion (+19 percent) U.S. dollars. Thus, the Payments segment continues to grow significantly faster than the Marketplace (2.3 billion U.S. dollars, +12 percent). When it comes to eBay’s total sales, Paypal contributes around 41 percent. All figures for the fourth quarter of 2013 can be found here.

Interesting stats out of canada on youth and social media



AirTravel soon to get more cluttered when it comes to technology and you!

Images Available under creative commons!

The Wellcome Library recently made more than 100,000 drawings, photographs, paintings, and advertisementsavailable to the world under Creative Commons licensing. The images available through the Wellcome Images libraryare primarily of a historic nature. You can browse the galleries or search for images by keyword.

The South Korean ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning has banned the common practice of mobile manufacturers and networks putting un-removable "bloatware" apps on smartphones.
Telcos will now be required to make all pre-installed apps deletable, except for those that enable wi-fi connectivity, near-field communication, customer service and an app store.

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